Megha Sharma is an actress and a struggling model. She was born on the 2ndof October 1993 in Dehradun. She did some ad campaigns like seen in various jewelry ads and stage shows..Her favorite movies are murder two and Kabil, and she loves big boss and roadies extreme.

One day she became an overnight sensation after her video went viral on social media. In2018 Megha was in a drunken state gone to Andheri apartment.

She just asked the guard to provide some packets of cigarettes around 2pm. The guard refused. She immediately filled the complain that the guard was misbehaving with her.

The Police reached the spot and asked her to get out of the Lift and visit the police station. She took off her clothes in front of the police.

Cctv footage shows that Megha Sharma began the assault, and the guard was just acting in self-defense.