Devyani Shiv is a very famous Indian serial actress. She is a very beautiful actress who is interested in entering the Hindi film industry in the near future. Even in TV Soaps, she made her mark through her skillful and immersive acting. She got her name and fame for her acting for the role of Anita, which was a character of a manipulative young woman who plays many games with people, in the TV Show 12/24 Karol Bagh.

She is also looking forward to making a TV show that shows the lives of young people, like school or college students as she is still young. She also feels that nowadays all the Hindi TV serials are just about family problems and some comedy shows, but she feels there must be more shows that reflected upon the daily life of young people and their struggles in life so that they may be helpful in the future.

She wants to make more TV shows like Hip Hip Hurray. This was an old TV show that was in her favorite genre. This is why she had to reject some of the offers that were presented to her, such as the role of a Bahu with a saree. One month after graduation, she got an offer to pursue her passion. She started to study philosophy at Delhi University at the famous Miranda College. This way she had many great opportunities to enter into the showbiz and film industry.