Ann Mitchai Hindi Actress
Ann Mitchai was born on May 31st, 1985 in the country of Thailand. Her birth name was Priya Samanabaramee. She is a very popular heroine in movies cum a wonderful playback singer. She has a couple of brothers who are ardent singers and she also got into that regime. As far as the Likay performance is concerned, their family whose ancestors had made a magical record upon it. In fact, Ann Mitchai was also taught about Likay and she has been trained from her age of five. 

Moreover, she is also good at performing Likay and made an absolute laurel at it. It is pretty evident that this stuff of Ann Mitchai has been the footsteps of her family who were literally popular at doing performances of Likay. Her maturity of vision about Likay dance style is that she blended Bollywood style of dance alongside with the regular forms of Likay style. This innovative sort of Likay has become quite popular and it started to be fancied by a lot of people. It is the huge credit acquired by the adorable actress. She made it to the core in every release of her songs when it gets heard in the movies. Her prestigious releases include movies like Forever More and Lucky Tonight. The most awaited and awesome album, namely Superstar has become a huge hit and it was an international release. 

She has won many awards that are accredited globally. This made the actress so prominent and this paved her to bag a lot of chances in singing. It is a pride thing for the singer to have worked with the RS Promotion group in about three projects. Her birth name is Jariya Somboon and she has a special talent with reference to Likay story writing. This added on to the promising work done by the ancestors of her family in Likay.