DJ Emwee is an artist for the Sonic Saturday. He is an international DJ/Producer who performed with international artist band celebrities. His remixes Dubai- Pioneer DJ me of 2014 were uploaded on YouTube which has 3k+ views and his other remixes have 5k+ views. He has verified facebook account with many fan followers. He has posted his music concerts all over the world.

Dj Chhaya Hindi Actress

Dj Chhaya

DJ Chhaya, real name Chhaya Dwivedi, is a Disc Jockey. She is known for making mashups and mixes. She is basically from Indore. Chhaya started her DJing career at a tender age of twenty. Her first stint as a Disc Jockey was at the Poison Club (also known as Sango) in Bhopal. She was the in-house DJ at the club. She continues to maintain her contacts with the place and performs there when she is in Bhopal. Her music tastes lies in the creation of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). She also likes to implement bass-heavy remixes of club hits. Her other music interests lie in hip hop, which is her favorite, original songs, glitch hop, soulful dubstep and funky house. Chhaya is sensitive and can gauge the mood of the crowd and the party, thus playing the best beats music that goes with the essence of the listeners. She is also a skillful dancer. Chhaya is known for her energetic dance that continues till she drops the beat. She is vibrant and keeps the life of the party alive. She represents the record label that goes by the name of All Indian DJs Club (AIDC). Chhaya first gained prominence with her debut album Heart Beat Vol. 1 by DJ Chhaya. This release helped her shoot to a new level of fame. The young crowd was grooving to her music. The beats were contagious and set everyone's foot tapping. The name of her General Manager is Gaurang. Unlike other DJs, Chhaya did not move to Mumbai. She continued to stay in Indore and kept producing mixes from the small town. She feels that music speaks volumes what words can never express, it calms the mind and puts it at ease. Broken hearts heal when the music flows right from heaven into the soul. This belief is what motivates and help her to stay connected to her work. Her hits have mostly been soulful music and love songs. She is open to perform at events and book queries on [email protected] Apart from Djing, her other interests lie in music production and dancing. “Dance sets the soul free” is her motto. She is a fun-loving person with many tattoos and likes colouring her hair. She gives performances all over India and totally loves her fans. Her recent mashup was Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga - The Chillout Mix. Her broken heart got over one million views. It is commendable for an Indian DJ to get that many views. Her favourite actor is Shahrukh Khan. Chhaya is immensely active on social networking websites and keeps updating her pages regularly. She is a selfie lover and social media addict.


Dj Smilee

DJ Smilee is a disc jockey from Chandigarh, India. Although she comes from the North, she is based in Mumbai. DJ Smilee has done shows in Bahrain and Dubai for the Rang Barse Holi Bash event, which was in company with DJ Baggio. She has also played with many more world renowned disc jockeys. She is one of the top rising DJ's in India and is also gaining fame internationally. Nationally, she has played in countless parties in Gujarat, the most significant one being a pool party with DJ Chirag. Other than Gujarat, she has played in weddings in Jaipur and Andhra Pradesh on the Big Fat Wedding Show. She is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi and can also speak Gujarati. Her music genres and styles include Bollywood, techno, deep house, EDM and rock. She plays in various campus events, fashion shows, restaurants, pubs, bars, private parties, concerts, festivals and corporate events. She has a different relationship with music and absolutely loves doing her job. She likes to play all the in-trend music, and is also into production of music. She started playing in 2006, and has been performing for the past 7 years with hard work and enthusiasm. DJ Smilee takes trending and popular Bollywood and commercial songs, and transforms them by remixing them. She is known to give a kick to those songs and makes people dance all night. She believes that one's thoughts cannot be expressed simply through words, and hence, music helps to express them better. It soothes one's mind and makes one calm. DJ Smilee lives by these words when delivering world class music to people. She is becoming a fast favourite in India and bags a number of shows each month, both nationally and internationally. Her hit remixes include Akkad Bakkad ft. Badshah with DJ Vnky, Tu Chahiye from Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan from Roy.

Dj Smilee Hindi Actress