Hadi Ali Abrar is a famous producer and director as well as assistant director. He entered into the industry with the help of debut actress Kumkum Bollywood Legend. He is also known as Abrar Ali. He is the brother of famous actress AbIr Abrar. Hadi Ali Abrar visited the high school from the band Queen with Rock star legend Freddy Mercury. Hadi was regarded within the documentary “Freddy Mercury- The much Story.” Hadi turned into a part of the band and brought up "The Hectic" with Freddie within the 1960's in Bombay.

He started his career in 1993 as an Assistant Director for the movie Pehla Nasha. The movie was released on 13th August 1993 in Indian Cinema industry. It is a nice drama to watch. In 1995, he again worked as an Assistant Director for the cinema. This was a crime and action thriller movie which describes the story of an honest as well as a dedicated police officer who planned to save the state from current weak as well as corrupt politicians. The plan is to kidnap the chief minister of state.

This movie has received a good review among people. In 1995, he worked for Rangeela as an assistant director. It is a Legal drama as well as a comedy play. The story is about a young woman who was drunk, to become a Bollywood actress. She faces trouble while becoming a Bollywood actress within the cinema industry as well as the love life of her. In 2010 he made his first directions for the movie Rama: the Savior as Abrar Haadi. The entire movie is an adventure as well as an action film.

The story is about how video games need instructions in the child's life and how it took into different aspects. The show, Shiva: a Power thriiler, telecast on Star plus TV network which is the story of people’s inspiration which has dedicated on behalf of them to change the attitude of others who are all watching and struggle in their life. In 2014 he produced Poster Boys Click to look into! >> Read More... Poster Boys , a comedy drama which is about the life of 3 boys while their photo has been advertised for sterilization. In 2016 he produced the drama Poster girls. This story is the summary of a female infanticide which is happening in some villages and how they overcome that and educat the people to stop killing female child.