Sanya Raheja was among the top ten contestants of Junior Master Chef Season1, which aired on Star Plus in August 2013 hosted and judged by Vikas Khanna Vikas Khanna was born on November 14, 1971. He was >> Read More... Vikas Khanna , Kunal Kapur Kunal Kapur is a famous chef and restaurateur. He >> Read More... Kunal Kapur , and Chef Jolly. The 11-year-old pretty girl hails from Delhi and comes from a family of Doctors. She however always wanted to be a chef or, in..words, a food doctor. That is why she earned the title of “Khane Ki Doctor” from all the three judges. She started cooking at a very young age because she did not like her mother's bland food. Her insatiable taste buds prompted her to take charge of the kitchen and cook delicious meals. The first dish she made was instant noodles. And no points for guessing that the girl loved it to bits. Apart from her passion for cooking, she loves gymnastic and is a gymnast. She actively takes part in every sports competition of her school where she has gained several prizes for her gymnastic competitions.

Apart from cooking and sports she also takes her studies very seriously. She once said during the cookery show that her studies are equally important as her passion for cooking, and she tries to give equal importance to her studies along with her other pursuits. Although she loves all kind of food, she is particularly fond of Italian and Thai cuisines. Her love for experimenting with food brought her among the final top ten contestants. She was both loved by the audience and the judges during her stint in the show. But unfortunately, she got eliminated 2nd in 9th place. The pretty girl aspires to become a Chef, and she is polishing her culinary skill every single day with the techniques and valuable tips of the judges which she got during the show. She also maintains a recipe book of her own.