Soumya Singh Hindi Actor

Soumya Singh is a young Indian child actor. He is very active, Charm and a brilliant performer. His acting is highly notable in the Television serial Mahabharata. He has born in the gateway of India, Mumbai. He celebrates his birthday on 26th of March every year. He is doing his schooling at Xavier High School, Mumbai. Soumya is the eldest of two siblings. His hobbies are Drawing, Acting, Nge-dance, and playing with the ball. He is very good at dancing especially in Nge-dance. He wants to be a dancer rather than being an actor. He is interested in the athletic field when he was young. He got many awards and prizes along with the certificates by winning in the swimming competition. Soumya acted as Young Arjuna in Mahabharata. He performs very cleverly for archery. He was appreciated by everyone on the shooting spot for his performance. He had shown his talents in fifteen episodes of Mahabaratha. He is very hospitable, friendly, and easy to communicate, even if there is a problem he always takes help from people nearby.

He often talks with his fans very friendly without any ego, prestige through social networks. At this young age, he has more than 1000 followers on Twitter. Soumya Singh learns nge-dance from renowned choreographer India, Bijan Debnath at Bija's Dance Studio, Mumbai. Bijan Debnath exclaims that this boy is one of the best and proficient students in nge-Dance at Bija's Dance Studio. He wants perfection in his works. Nge-dance is one of the modern dance. It warms up the entire body and keeps very active. He likes playing football regularly and also draws whenever he finds a little bit of free time. He never advertises on Boogie Woogie Kids Championship promo (Sony TV). He often nge-dance and join various events and also performs in advertisements.

Red, yellow, blue are his favorite colors. Since his Astrological sign is Aries, he has all the qualities of Aries. His Strengths are Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, and passionate. Inpatient and short-tempered is his weakness. He always goes with Comfortable clothes and takes leadership roles to address issues. He likes taking physical challenges. He completes his duties and works on time and does not make any delay. He created many creative videos and posted on youtube; in this videos, he tried mimicry and multiple voices and roles. Everyone gets inspired by watching videos. He also participated in many reality shows. His commitment towards his education, profession, and passion are highly appreciable.