Bhalchandra Kulkarni Hindi Actor

Bhalchandra Kulkarni is an Indian actor and writer. His major works include “Zunz Tujhi Majhi (1992), Shivrayachi Soon Tararani (1993), and Mardani (1983).” He played the character of Ramji Desai in Mardaani, directed by Govind Kulkarni Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Govind Kulkarni . Born in Maharashtra, India, Kulkarni majorly worked in the Marathi film industry. He played supporting roles in various Marathi movies and dramas. His filmography includes Pinjra (1972), Aaitya Bilavar Nagoba (1979), Samna (1975), Purnasatya (1987), Le Chal Apne Sang (2000), Le Chal Apne Sang (2000), Dekhni Bayko Namyachi (2001), Bangdya Bhara (2001), Maherchi Maya (2005), Dan Mothe Kanyadan (2018), Bhukh (2019), and many others.

As a versatile actor, he portrayed a wide variety of characters in each film. The veteran actor Bhalchandra Kulkarni believed that rural art needs a platform to flourish; it should be valued and respected. His ideology is impressive and left an impression on the audience.