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Aditya Patel is a famous social media influencer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is widely known as Adii Bhai. His Instagram posts with the funny face, which he created using the filter, drew the attention of the public, and he has a huge fan following on Instagram. His Hindi and Gujarati combination comedy videos are also one of the main attractions. Aditya studied Pharmaceutical Science. His popularity in social media paved the way to work on the silver screen. Aditya Patel made his debut as an actor in the web series Ka. Kha. Ga - ક ખ ગ- Who’s the Killer. The web series is directed by Nitin Vaghela Nitin Vaghela is a director, writer, and editor wh >> Read More... and produced by Under Gujjugate Production house. Jay Wadhwani, Jahnvi Chauhan Jahnvi Chauhan is a young Hindi actress and has gi >> Read More... , Vishal Pithadiya, Geet Brahmbhatt Geet Bhrambhatt is an actress, who works in the Gu >> Read More... , and Anand Savaliya are his co-stars in his debut web series. Aditya played a security guard in this web series.

Meri Maa Kaha Hai is one of the music videos released by Aditya. He appeared in the video along with Aamir Mir, Jalpa Rathod, and Jihan Rathod. Aamir Mir sang the song, and Gaurang Pala composed the music. Aditya penned the lyrics for the song. It is exciting to hear he wrote lyrics when he was just 17. The music video speaks about a lovable mother. The emotional video grabbed the attention of audiences of all ages. Aditya Patel has also entered the business space with the clothing line Evu Na Hoi. His brand offers Shirts, T-shirts, Caps, and also fashion accessories. Harshay Shah supports the brand.

Aditya is elated by the overwhelming support from the audience. The emotional Aditya revealed that the love and support he received from the followers motivated him to make quality content to satisfy them.


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