Zublee is an Indian actress, singer, and composer of Assam. Zublee made her debut song in 1992 in the Assamese film Ranangini ". Zublee is best known for her hit albums such as Maya Matho, Nahar, Gaan, Janmo, "Mission China" Ramdhenu, Jetuka Pastor Dore, Kanchenjunga, Song Ki Aane etc. She did her schooling in her hometown. Her father name is Naba Kumar Baruah and her mother name is Madhurima Baruah. she has done many hit albums like Tandab, Nahar, Maya Matho Maya, Maati, and Janmo. she was born in Guwahati, Assam, India. She also graduated from Handique Girls College, Guwahati. she has sung many songs and made albums. she got married in 2019 to Amitabh Gohain, Interior Designer, All India Radio Artist. she has a sister named Urmimala Baruah. She is a professional artist. she is not only an artist but also a music composer in the film. it is all about going to a great Punjabi music radio with a fun and exciting song called 'Roka-Roka'.

The song, played by Rohan Mehra Rohan Mehra is a chocolate face hero that always w >> Read More... Rohan Mehra and Rumman Shahrukh, will be released on January 20 on the official YouTube channel ii Music. It is the first time Zublee has sung a Punjabi song and the band does not leave it on the floor to make a very good song. The song was composed by Goldie Sohel Goldie Sohel is an Indian playback singer who work >> Read More... Goldie Sohel whose previous songs 'Aaj Sajeya' and ' Kareeb Click to look into! >> Read More... Kareeb ' are still fresh in the minds of music lovers. Roka-Roka is a joyful, glamorous song that has a lot of fun in it. It is one of those songs that is definitely on everyone's playlist. Both Rohan Mehra and Rumman Shahrukh are committed to each other and their performance has improved the final product. Zublee Baruah is a talented musician. The song is about new love and will delight today's youth. The songwriter, Zublee Baruah feels like this song is special to her in many ways, This is more than just a song.

The whole Roka Roka tour was very special and it was her first Punjabi Song on this favorite and will always be her favorite.The cast of this song Roka has Goldie Sohel, Tarsame Mittal, Manash Borthakur, Pankaj Borah, Tapas Roy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Tapas Roy , Shomu Seal, Pranjal, Ishaan Das, IImusic, Rumman Shahrukh, Rohan Mehra, Deepak Taggar, Gaurav Chawla Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Gaurav Chawla , Tanvi Asher, Alaap Gosher, Siddharth, Riddip, Ayushi, Ritw, Ritan Kalyani. Some of her Albums are RISANG, JOON DA EMMAN GUNDA, KACHE AESO TUMI (BENGALI), Gaan, Maati, Tandab, Nahar, Maya Matho Maya, Maati, Janmo some of her TV series are Anuradha, MONGOLU MAHAJANOR BIYA. Some of her film are Raningini. some of the awards are Dr. Bhupen Hazarika's award for a best female artist in 2012, The best female artist of 1997 is UNESCO, GIMA (Global Indian Music Academy Awards) for Best Folk Album for Maati Album.