Ajoy Phukan

Other names of Ajoy Phukan: Ajay Phukan
Ajoy Phukan Assamese Actor

Ajoy Phukan is an Assamese singer and currently he became a politician. He joined India National Congress (INC). He lives in Chabua (Dibrugarh), Assam. He is also a music director, lyricist, Cultural activist, Socialist, CMD of Assam Music & Film Institute, and Proprietor of Maa Studio. He studied B.A and graduated from Beltola College, under Guwahati University in 2012. Some of his songs and albums are Tezal Tezal, Rangdhali Suwali, Radha Krishna Click to look into! >> Read More... Radha Krishna , O Meghali, Mon Sorai, Xopun Xopun, Nilim Nilim, Junbailoi Sithi, Teje Teje, Cigarette, Ganga, Rohedui, DJ Bihu, Joy Maharaj, Gulapi Gulapi, Dhiniki Dhiniki, Apolok Morom and many more.