Director Sajo Sundar Speaks About Riyamikka’s Death!

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Sajo Sundar, the director of "X Videos" movie, stated that “Riyamikka” was a good actress and he is very much shocked about her suicide. Sajo Sundar condemns the rumor spreaders that as the actress played in the X Videos movie, she was trolled by some people, which made her commit suicide. Sundar says that these are the stories that are spun by the people, who hadn’t watched the film. X Videos is an awareness movie and not an Adult Only movie. He also stated that recently, a popular actor’s daughter’s intimate photos were shared on the internet. To avoid such happenings, he had made the film, says Sajo Sundar. He also stated that Riyamikka had committed doing films even after X Videos and hence the film is not a reason for her death. The police would find out the culprit, soon stated Sundar.