Nirmal Jani, a cinematographer of Indian origin was born in a family, who has a good film background. Nirmal Jani is currently working in Mumbai-based Bollywood Film Industry. His debut film was Patthar Ek Phool which was released in the year 1991, directed by Anant Balani and Salman Khan was there in the lead role. His father’s name was Mr. Pranlal Jani.

He has worked as a movie director and as Director of Photography (DOP) and was very successful in his work. That is why Nirmal Jani has skills in his blood. At a very young age, Nirmal Jani was passionate about films and had a keen interest in films. That is why he joined the movie at a very young age, and now he has become one of the most experienced DOP in India. He has worked hard and struggled a lot to become a DOP because of which he has achieved so much and reached to the greater heights. He started his career with some already established cinematographers in the year 1975 having a keen interest in lighting design. Initially, he worked under his father who hired him for the post of Assistant Cameraman. He has gained many skills and knowledge by working under his father.

Today, he is very popular DOP in the industry and has directed many soaps, movies, and commercials. He has worked on the latest technology which was imported from Hollywood in the movie named Toonpur Ka Superhero which made him more popular among people. He lives in Mumbai, India. He has worked with many big production houses and many big Bollywood stars and Legends. He has also worked as DOP in many other films like Kshatriya in 1993, Haqeeqat in 1995, Dushman in 1998, Raju Chacha in 2000, Kranti in 2002, Deewaar in 2004, One two three in 2008, to name a few. Nirmal Jani has experience of around 30 years as a professional cinematographer. He has worked with many production houses and also won some awards for light design and cinematography. He is a versatile artist with a forte in light designing.

He has contributed a lot to the industry and made his reputation by consistently providing creative, high quality, visual work in every kind of format. He is also a member of W.I.C.A and also has an international experience in this field. He made many music videos, feature films, TV series, Commercials, etc. Nirmal Jani has worked in many feature films. The statistics are of 40 feature films till now. He is comfortable in shooting with a digital camera of 35mm/S16mm.