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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Utray Ga Aub Na Koi Khizar is an Indian television show. It premiered on the B4U channel. The serial premiered in the year 2011. The serial released two seasons in total. Season 1 contains 29 episodes, and Season two contains 13 episodes. Each episode presents a new tale. The storyline revolves around verses of the Quran. The makers have attempted to highlight the importance of morality in today’s modern world. The average running time of each episode was 20-25 minutes. In each episode, the story begins with the darkness of today’s world, the cruelty, and problems. It takes the viewers on a journey to remind them of the difference between right and wrong. It highlights the verses of the Quran and urges people to show more kindness towards each other. The cast of this serial included many talented actors and actresses who portrayed their characters skillfully. One of the episodes of season 1 presents an intriguing story.

A girl lives with her brother and father. She was a simple girl who got her focus on her life. She got a proposal from an admirer of her, but she swiftly rejected the proposal. After some time, a peer from her father’s group asked to marry her. She did not want to marry the peer, but she faced constant pressure from her family for the marriage. She decided to run away with a guy that admired her. But she got caught in the act by her brother. Her brother then decides to punish her for trying to run away. She begged for mercy, but nothing seemed to help. The episode then shows a moment where she gets killed by her brother. But it was just a thought. In reality, her brother remembers the light verses of the Quran and eventually forgives her. The main aim of the serial was to show the importance of god and Quran in life. It highlights how following god’s path will help people to live a peaceful life. The serial continued to air in 2012 and eventually ended after the second season. Each episode focused on a new story and different verses of the Quran. The viewers enjoyed the compelling plot of each story and learned important life lessons from the show. It suggests that the Quran is a timeless guide of wisdom. The compelling storyline, powerful performances, and educational concepts make Utray Ga Aub Na Koi Khizar a worthy television serial. It takes the viewers on an enlightening journey of self-discovery and spirituality.



Sohai Ali Abro Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 13 May 1994
Sohai Ali Abro
Adeel Hussain Urdu Movie Actor
DOB: 30 June 1978
Adeel Hussain
Behroze Sabzwari Urdu Movie Actor
DOB: 16 February 1957
Behroze Sabzwari
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DOB: 21 November 1980
Nimra Bucha
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DOB: 7 November 1989
Arij Fatyma