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Sone Ki Chiriya was a dubbed version of an Indian television soap opera, Amrit Manthan Amrit Manthan is an epic and strange story which i >> Read More... , in Urdu. The series premiered on Life OK on February 26, 2012, and then aired as Sone Ki Chiriya on A Plus TV channel of Pakistan. Its main star cast includes Adaa Khan Adaa Khan is an Indian Model and Television Actre >> Read More... , Dimple Jhangiani Dimple Jhangiani is a well-known Indian model-tur >> Read More... , Ankita Sharma Ankita Sharma is a famous Indian actress. She has >> Read More... , and Navi Bhangu Navi Bhangu is a popular Punjabi model turned tele >> Read More... . The serial was also re-telecasted as Bairi Behna on Star Utsav. The series is also available on Dailymotion and YouTube. This TV series focused on the love and rivalry of two sisters. Amrit and Nimrit are two sisters. Amrit is egoistical and bratty. On the other hand, Nimrit is a kind-hearted girl who always obeys her sister. Despite their different characters, the sisters love each other deeply. Amrit is all set to marry Agam. But Tej and Nimrit learn that Agam is marrying her only for revenge. Twenty years ago, Amrit had insulted Agam at her birthday party, calling him a thief. So, he was hell-bent on destroying her life for that unforgettable humiliation. Nimrit reveals this truth to her beloved sister, who does not believe her and even insults her.

On the wedding day, Agam demands to marry Nimrit instead. It left everyone shocked. Rajmata insists that Nimrit accept his proposal to save the face and hesitantly agrees. But this turn of events does not sit well with Amrit, and she starts hating her sister to the core. In her rage, she decides to take revenge on Nimrit for her supposed betrayal. Gradually, things started falling into place for married Nimrit. Her mother-in-law accepts her as her daughter-in-law, and Agam starts loving her. However, Amrit relentlessly tries to create trouble for them. She tried many times to kill Nimrit but failed. Soon, Agam discloses Amrit’s malicious actions in front of everyone, leaving Nimrit shattered. Later on, Amrit calls Nimrit at Choti Pahadi to talk. There, Amrit pushed her sister off the cliff. Everyone assumed that Nimrit died, and Agam is left brokenhearted.

However, a wealthy businessman, Mr. Oberoi, saves Nimrit. Her face got ruined due to the severe accident. Hence, she was given the face of his dead daughter, Natasha, via plastic surgery. Now, Nimrit returns as Natasha Oberoi to ruin Amrit. Nimrit’s lookalike Shivangi, who turned out to be her long-lost twin, also helped her in successfully reaching her goals. After that, Shivangi leaves to pursue her studies and marry. Due to some cruel twist of events, Nimrit (after reclaiming her identity) thinks that Agam and Amrit died. But both survived. Nimrit and Agam birthed a daughter, Gurbani. Meanwhile, Amrit re-enters into their lives with her fake fiancé Yug. Her single aim was to destroy Nimrit’s happiness. So, she tries to instigate Gurbani against her parents but fails miserably. With time, the sisters reconcile and forgive each other. Yug has to leave, and after some time, Amrit marries Tej.

Indu kills Agam, and her son, Karan, forcefully marries Nimrit. After many twists and turns, the couple started getting close to each other. On the other hand, Yug starts creating problems for Amrit and abducts her. He uses her doppelganger, Rajjo, to shoot Nimrit and frames Amrit for the attack. Karan took the bullet for Nimrit, and Amrit got arrested. But Rajjo has a change of heart and helps Amrit. Truth prevails, and Yug gets arrested for his crimes. The serial ends on a happy note. Nimrit accepts Karan as her husband and gets pregnant the second time. Similarly, Tej and Amrit are also graced with the same happiness.


Ghulam Ali Urdu Singer
DOB: 5 December 1940
Ghulam Ali
Hadiqa Kiani Urdu Singer
DOB: 11 August 1970
Hadiqa Kiani
Aamina Sheikh Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 29 August 1981
Aamina Sheikh
Marina Khan Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 26 December 1962
Marina Khan
Shahood Alvi Urdu TV-Actor
DOB: 29 May 1973
Shahood Alvi