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Pinjra Urdu TV SERIALS on A PLUS
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Pinjra is a Pakistani Serial that broadcasted on A Plus TV. Directed by Kashif Nisar Kashif Nisar was born in the place Quetta, which i >> Read More... . It is a story of a young girl who faces the hardships and discrimination of those around her. As the name suggests Asiya played by Yumna Zaidi Yumna Zaidi is a talented Pakistani model and a te >> Read More... is the protagonist who feels caged when she is given to another family in a system of Vani. Vani is a system where young or minor girls’ are married off or sent to some aggrieved family who has suffered from the hands of the girls family. It is a kind of peace formation between the families to end disputes and conflicts among them. Asiya is a young and cheerful girl who is not afraid to speak for the right cause and abides by her own morals. She is a joyful charming girl who believes in enjoying every moment of her life. She was prepared to marry her fiance when suddenly her fiance was murdered by her own brothers which stir created a conflict between everyone, especially the families of both which created a rivalry between them.

The grieving and aggravated family of her fiance was relieved when Asiya was given to their family as a trophy of consolation under the system of Vani. Asiya, helplessly goes on to try and adjust in the family and finds out that the values and morals of both families are very different. It was a beginning of a social reform that was brought by Asiya. Despite facing gender discrimination with people constantly trying to pull her down, she tries to stay on her ground and stick with her morals while trying to change the world around her. With all the struggles and moral issues, will Asiya be able to bring a change in her life and break free from her Pinjra?


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