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Kam Zarf Urdu TV SERIALS on Geo TV
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Kam Zarf, directly translated to meager, is an Urdu-language television serial that aired on the Pakistani channel GEO TV. The drama serial was released on the 8th of January, 2019, and aired every Tuesday. The final episode aired on 11th June 2019. It was produced by Hassan Zia Bio coming soon... >> Read More... under the Mastermind Production banner. The eldest sister of Azhar, Asim, and Mona, Aima is the major subject of this story. When she was 16 years old, their parents passed away. She singlehandedly raised her brothers and sister, just like a mother. She intended to marry her college friend, but her father wanted her to raise them instead. After a considerable amount of time, Aima is seen alongside her younger brothers and sister as an elderly woman. Mona is still completing her final semester when Azhar, the second older brother, finds a girl and falls in love with her.

He wanted to marry her, but due to Aima's objections, he was unable to do so and was instead forced to wed Fouzia, the daughter of a tailor. After their marriage, Azhar acted poorly toward her and was harsh whenever he talked to her. Aima’s uncle who lived in America comes back with his family. He has a daughter called Faria, who has highly liberal ideas. These ideas make Asim very attracted to her and they decide to get married. Although Aima objected to their marriage, Asim and Faria get married. On the other hand, Azhar and his wife developed a better bond. Aima encounters her former flame Nabeel, whom she intended to marry.

However, she is not aware of the fact that he is secretly married with a child, and he only wants to marry Aima so that he can take everything he owns. Aima acted foolishly and did exactly what he wanted: she married him and gave him everything she has. Meanwhile, Faria, Asim's wife, receives the home where the four siblings reside as a gift from her father; Aima objects to this decision and causes many misunderstandings in the house. Mona found and married a guy that she met at the university. Aima, after being abandoned by Nabeel, moves into Mona’s house but is only able to live there for about two weeks before she had to move. She ends up in a woman’s asylum where the three siblings conduct an extensive search and still could not find her.

The serial shows somewhat of a moral, that meanness and narrowmindedness only make an individual miserable. That is exactly what happened to Aima. In the end, she was all alone. The cast of the serial includes Nadia Khan Nadia Khan is a Pakistani television actress, pres >> Read More... as Aima; Junaid Khan Junaid Khan is a prominent Pakistani singer, songw >> Read More... as Azar; Rabab Hashim Rabab Hashim, the famous Pakistan actress and mode >> Read More... as Fouzia, Azar’s wife; Mariyam Nfeez as Faria, Asim’s wife; Ali Ansari Ali Ansari is a well-known actor, model, rapper, m >> Read More... as Asif; Sumaiyya Bukhsh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... as Mona; and Alyy Khan Aly Khan or Alyy Khan is a mixed British and Pakis >> Read More... as Nabeel.


Ahsan Khan Urdu Movie Actor
DOB: 9 October 1981
Ahsan Khan
Sidra Batool Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 8 December 1985
Sidra Batool
Nadia Hussain Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 11 January 1979
Nadia Hussain
Iman Ali Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 19 December 1977
Iman Ali
Moin Akhter Urdu Movie Actor
DOB: 24 December 1950
Moin Akhter
Sarah Khan Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 6 August 1989
Sarah Khan