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Jinzada Urdu TV SERIALS on Geo TV
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Jinzada is a Pakistani Urdu TV serial. It premiered on 20th July 2023 and ended on 30th August 2023. It has one season with 30 episodes. It aired on the Geo TV channel. The show comes under the genres of fantasy and drama. Najaf Bilgrami Najaf Bilgrami is an actor, critically acclaimed d >> Read More... is the director, and Hassan Zia Bio coming soon... >> Read More... is the producer. Syed Nabeel Syed Nabeel is a Pakistani writer. His prominent T >> Read More... and Shahid Nizami Shahid Nizami is a Pakistani film actor, writer, a >> Read More... are the writers. The cast includes Syed Jibran, Nazish Jahangir Nazish Jahangir or Nazish Jahangir Khan is a beaut >> Read More... , Behroze Sabzwari Behroze Sabzwari is a Karachi, Pakistan-born film >> Read More... , Waseem Abbas He was born to Inayat Hussain Bhatti, a very renow >> Read More... , Arisha Razi, Asim Mehmood Asim Mehmood is a Pakistani Celebrity born on 16 J >> Read More... , Bakhtawar Khan, Parveen Akbar Parveen Akbar is a very senior Pakistani drama art >> Read More... , Javed Jamal Javed Jamal is an actor, writer, cum cum voice-ove >> Read More... , Fareeda Shabbir Fareeda Shabbir, a Pakistani Actress, was born on >> Read More... , Shehzad Malik Shehzad Malik is a precious player from Pakistan, >> Read More... , Quratulain Akhtar, Faraz Mazhar, Sohail Masood Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Shamil Khan Shamil Khan was born on March 14, 1978, in Islamab >> Read More... , Ra’ad Muhammad, and Saad Qureshi.

The series starts with a couple, Adnan and Abiha. They got married recently and are going on a honeymoon in a distant village in the hills of Islamabad. Abiha’s father, Salim, has a house there, as he used to go there to hunt. Adnan and Abiha come across a Jinn unknowingly. Feroz, the jinn, transforms himself into a human and meets them. He has been waiting for Abiha for many years. It is revealed that many years ago, Salim was hunting in the village and spotted a beautiful deer and wanted to kill it. It was a no-hunting zone, therefore a fellow villager asked him not to hunt. But Salim, being greedy, killed it. Sadly. It was not an animal, but a jinn. She was Feroz’s sister who died on the spot. Feroz swore that day to avenge her sister’s death. Abiha realizes she is pregnant. A lady in the hospital warns about an unknown attachment to her unknown baby. Things go downhill in Abiha’s house. Salim’s flourishing business suddenly went into loss, and many court cases started emerging against him.

Salim went bankrupt. At the same time, Abiha’s mother-in-law, Atiya, and father-in-law, Sufyan, ask her for a dowry. Abiha feels betrayed. The jinn has attached itself to Abiha. He kills Abiha’s parents by burning them in their car. Feroz is determined to seek retribution at any cost. He is a powerful jinn who has the power to transform into any human. He starts living in Abiha’s home to create mistrust and disagreements between the family. He tries to distance everyone from Abiha by creating misunderstandings. The jinn gradually falls in love with her and wants her to make his wife. Abiha’s cousin, Vicky, is also in love with her but fails to express himself before her marriage.

Vicky is getting close to Adnan’s sister, Mahreen so that he can marry her and remain close to Abiha. He conspires and breaks Abiha’s relationship with Adnan. Abiha tries telling everyone the truth, but nobody believes her. The jinn deceits Abiha and Adnan and fractures their bond. Abhiha leaves her house and decides to live with the jinn. She conspires to kill the jinn while living with him. Adnan’s family fixes his second marriage with Amna. However, their relationship is full of turbulence. With time, Adnan realizes that Abiha is telling the truth. Abiha had a child with the jinn. Adnan is determined to bring his wife back. The jinn tries killing Adnan, but Abiha kills him instead. Abiha and Adnan are reunited and live with their kid. Adnan also adopts Abiha and the jinn’s son.


Salma Agha Hindi Singer
DOB: 25 October 1956
Salma Agha
Sanam Jung Urdu Actress
DOB: 28 October 1988
Sanam Jung
Sara Loren Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 11 December 1985
Sara Loren
Zeba Bakhtiar Urdu Movie Actress
DOB: 5 November 1962
Zeba Bakhtiar