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Chup Raho is a Pakistani romantic and thriller drama series in Urdu. It aired on ARY Digital from August 19, 2014, to March 10, 2015. Later, it also broadcasted on ARY Zindagi, ARY Digital’s sister channel. Furthermore, this serial was also televised in India on Zindagi with the title Khamosh Ladki...Dheere Dheere Fanah and streaming online on MX player and YouTube. It starred Feroze Khan Feroze Khan is an Indian movie actor who worked fo >> Read More... , Sajal Ali                 Among the emerging young talents i >> Read More... , Yasir Nawaz He was born on 22 June, 1970, to a Muslim family i >> Read More... , Syed Jibran, and Arjumand Rahim Arjumand Rahim comes out as a most talented theate >> Read More... in pivotal roles. Its story revolves around a simple and naive girl Rameen (Sajal Ali). She traveled from Islamabad to Karachi with her parents to meet her sister Minal (Arjumand Rahim) and brother-in-law Numair (Syed Jibran). 

Numair had been lusting for her since the beginning and eventually raped her. He threatens her to stay quiet. However, she shared everything with her parents. Her mother suggests she remain silent as it could destroy her sister’s marriage while her father confronts Numair. The father is attacked and passes away from a heart attack. Azar (Feroze Khan), Numair’s cousin, started liking Rameen and wanted to marry her. Reluctantly, she agreed to marry him. Later, she tries to tell the truth about Numair to her husband. But Azar did not believe her because her mother had already told everyone that Rameen was ill and needed treatment to save Minal’s marriage. After some time, her mother died, and Azar, Numair, and Minal threw her out of the house. Since nobody believes her innocence, she quietly leaves the house. However, Azar committed suicide after realizing his mistakes.

After struggling for some time, destiny introduces her to a kind man Sheraz (Yasir Nawaz). He is a widower with three daughters. Rameen bonded with his mother and daughters and started living with them as a maid. Soon, Sheraz and Rameen fall in love with each other. On the other hand, Numair’s daughter is diagnosed with cancer. Now repenting, he thinks if he treats Rameen nicely, Allah will forgive his sins and cure his daughter. He brings Rameen back home and accepts that he raped her. Numair also stated that Sheraz has lustful eyes toward her. He also hid the secret of Azar’s death by lying that he was in Saudi Arabia, making her stay.

He made sure to send her flowers and messages in Azar’s name. Irked and confused, Minal discloses everything to Rameen. Knowing the truth, she instantly left the house and married Sheraz. This incident made Numair think that now no one can save his daughter. He loses his sanity and becomes mentally unstable. Finally, Minal cries over her daughter’s condition, reminiscing all her wrongdoings against Rameen for her husband while Rameen lives a happy life with her husband and their children. The serial was a massive hit, which made its channel top the TRP chart overnight.

Another version of the serial...

Chup Raho is a Pakistani drama serial that was written by Samira Fazal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and directed by Yasir Nawaz. The serial aired on ARY Digital on 19th August 2014 and continued up until 10th March 2015 with a total of 28 episodes each with a running period of 40-45minutes approximately. The serial revolves around a woman named Rameen and how she learns to live and stand up for herself. Rameen is portrayed as a young woman who comes to Karachi along with her family consisting of her parents. They have come to Karachi to meet with Minal who is portrayed as Rameen's sister.

Minal is married to Numair who unfortunately has his eyes set on Rameen because of her beauty. Not being able to control his lust for her, Numair rapes Rameen and forces her to remain silent about her suffering. Azar, who happens to be a cousin of Numair is willing to marry Rameen once he sees her. However, Rameen is scared of marrying someone who is related to Numair because she thinks that they may be alike in character and a bad person. Rameen decides to tell her mother about the harassment she faces from Numair but her mother advises her to keep it a secret in order to save her sister Minal's married life.

When Rameen's father finds out the truth he is attacked by Numair and eventually dies after suffering a heart attack. After his death, Rameen is heartbroken and eventually agrees to marry Azar. After the marriage, she tries to tell Azar the truth about Numair but he refuses to believe it and considers her a liar. When Rameen's mother dies Azar along with Numair and Minal throws her out of the house portraying her as a bad person and a liar. After being thrown into the servant quarters to live she decides to leave the house for good and secretly does so.

Later she lives in a private hostel for women and meets a girl who sells other women in exchange for money. She also discovers that she is going to be sold soon if she doesn't run away. After successfully doing so and rescuing herself she meets a man named Sheraz. Sheraz is a good kind-hearted man who is portrayed as a widower with three daughters. Sheraz takes pity on Rameen and decides to take her to his house. Rameen meets his daughters and soon becomes attached to the family. She begs Sheraz to let her live in the house as a maid. Sheraz considers her plea and eventually agrees.

Soon they fall in love. Meanwhile, Azar kills himself after realizing his fault and feeling guilty for what he did to his wife Rameen. Everything takes a turn when Minal and Numair's daughter gets diagnosed with cancer. Numair is under the belief that if Rameen is closer to his daughter then his daughter might have a chance at survival from the deadly disease. When Rameen returns Numair accepts his faults and admits to raping her and asking her forgiveness. However, to stop her from going away he also hides the fact that her former husband Azar is dead.

He lies that Azar was in Saudi Arabia and sends her flowers and messages in Azar's name to make sure Rameen thinks he is alive. Minal confronts Numair to tell the truth but he doesn't listen. When Rameen learns the truth she leaves the house once again and marries Sheraz, the person who she loves. Numair is devastated by this and loses all hope to save his daughter and believes that Allah will never forgive him for his sins and this would lead to his daughter's death. Slowly he starts to lose his mind and is eventually sent to a mental hospital. Minal spends her days crying over her daughter's deteriorating condition and thinking about all her past mistakes and regrets that revolve around Rameen. Rameen finally gets her happy ending as she lives with Sheraz and their children.



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