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Revathi Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
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Karan, an easy-going 25-year-old party animal living off his family's wealth and raised in the US, lives there oblivious to his roots. His grandfather passes away and leaves all the family fortune to a charity back in Gujarat which angers him. The location of the Ashram, which is on the banks of Narmada, is unknown, and the movie follows Karan as he tries to find and regain back the wealth which he believes he should rightfully inherit. Over three weeks, Karan learns to appreciate the customs, beliefs, and way of life of people living there. He also uncovers some shocking truths about his own identity and roots along the way.

The place, which seems to live on its own oblivious of the outside world, does have its evils, as is visible by the cruelty inflicted against women and the caste-based discrimination prevalent in the area. Karan tries his methods and ways of dispelling these evils from the place and, meanwhile, discovers his true identity. Culminating in a musical extravaganza where he has to overcome a tragedy with the entire community, Karan realizes the true meaning of life and how everything is connected. The experiences transform Karan, and the movie leads to Karan trying the ultimate test of faith by completing the parikrama of the Narmada.



Baby Neha Tamil TV-Actress
DOB: 14 March 2002
Baby Neha
Hashini Tamil Movie Actress
DOB: 20 January 1992
Rishi Tamil Anchor
DOB: 7 May 1985
Rohini Tamil Movie Actress
DOB: 15 December 1968
Asin Thottumkal Tamil Movie Actress
DOB: 26 October 1985
Asin Thottumkal