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Kodi Gaha Yata is a Sri Lankan TV series in the Sinhala language. The series premiered on 4th March 2023 on the ITN channel. It has one season with 74 episodes. This show comes under the drama, crime, and societal awareness genres. Jagath Manuwarna Jagath Manuwarna Kodithuwakku is a Sri Lankan Acto >> Read More... has directed and produced this series. Chandana Liyanage Bio coming soon... >> Read More... is the editor, and Aruna Premarathne Aruna Premarathne is a renowned Sri Lankan scriptw >> Read More... is the scriptwriter. Kodi Gaha Yata is the debut series of the director. The cast includes Nalin Lusena Nalin Lusena is an aspiring actor, director, and p >> Read More... (Kalu), Reena Silva (Shani), Jagath Manuwarna (Mahesh), Nadeesha Hemamali (wife of Mahesh), Tharini Fernando (Nilanthi), Dilhani Ekanayake Dilhani Wkanayake is a talented Sri Lankan Actress >> Read More... (mother of Nilanthi), Randika Gunathilake Bio coming soon... >> Read More... (brother of Nilanthi), Chaminda Sampath Jayaweera (Rohan), and Harsha Thennakoon Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ( Waruna).

The series revolves around Mahesh, a young married man. He is struggling in life career-wise and wants to have a high-paying job. He lives in a slum and works as an undertaker for a car leasing company. Mahesh is not satisfied with his current financial conditions. His mother left his family for a better life. For his father, Mahesh is his only hope. He hopes Mahesh to achieve success so that his mother can come back. Mahesh is an ambitious man and wants to earn money by quick means. He gets a contract of murder for a sum of money. Mahesh saw this as a golden ticket to become rich. Due to unfortunate events, he gets caught on the day of the murder before committing the crime. Many forces act due to interrelated human lives to stop Mahesh from committing the murder. The series touches on many topics like psychological, sexual, social, and political issues. The director portrays the characters intricately so that the audience empathizes with them without judgment.

Kalu, a non-binary person, is hated by his mother and siblings due to his sexuality. He yearned for their love. However, everyone ridiculed Kalu. Shani is a trans-gender who portrays genuine experiences and struggles faced by the LGBTQA+ community. Asela is a rural man who comes to the city in hopes of earning. Asela initially starts working as a mechanic but later becomes an underworld thug by falling victim to his circumstances. The series talks about the nuances of human nature and how they are interrelated. The series has been praised by the LGBTQA+ community as the director has shown their people in leading roles and portrayed their struggles. The community feels heard and finds it impressive that LGBTQA+ people are portrayed on TV not in comedic or ridiculous roles but in serious roles.



Iranganie Serasinghe Sinhala Movie Actress
DOB: 21 June 1927
Iranganie Serasinghe
Kumara Thirimadura Sinhala Actor
DOB: 17 April 1969
Kumara Thirimadura
Vijaya Kumaratunga Sinhala Actor
DOB: 9 October 1945
Vijaya Kumaratunga
Kavindya Dulshani Sinhala Actress
DOB: 17 December 1999
Kavindya Dulshani