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Sanskar Odia TV SERIALS on  ETV Odia
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Sanskar is an Indian serial that premiered in 2012 on ETV Odia. It is an Odia language serial. It is a devotional show that focuses on promoting ethical values to the viewers. Sanskar is a one-of-its-kind serial that presents Indian culture and helps the viewers understand the diversity of the state’s distinct values. The serial motivates the viewers to nurture rightful and optimistic thoughts. Sanskar has more than one hundred episodes, 20 minutes per episode. Every episode focuses on a particular topic. The serial’s host creates an introspective approach for the viewers to analyze their thoughts and beliefs. Different individuals host several episodes of the serial.

The host is usually a member of a religious group. The host provides an excellent insight on the appropriate lifestyle. Sanskar emphasizes on living a holistic lifestyle and treating everyone with kindness and respect. It is an insightful and informational serial. The serial helps viewers to understand various aspects of life. The host is seen to be reciting shlokas and texts from religious literature. The serial aims at imbibing traditional values and ethics into individuals. Sanskar is a preachy serial that tells the viewers about good values and living ethics that lead to success and growth. The serial empowers viewers and helps them relax in an optimistic environment. It is an excellent serial that gives the viewers entertainment and information.

Sanskar is an engaging devotional serial. The host addresses the viewer’s grievances on a large scale. It influences the viewer’s thoughts and opinions. It is a wonderful show that explains various aspects of living a healthy and dutiful life. It aims at promoting religious and realistic preaching and advice. Sanskar is a serial that works like a guide for the viewers. It provides guidance through wise individual’s words. The serial gained recognition for its appealing and motivating visuals. It got appreciation for promoting social awareness about traditional awareness through televisual format.

Sanskar has achieved to embrace the ethics and beliefs passed on from generations to generations. It is a serial that has answered several questions from the individuals and solved their personal and emotional problems. Sanskar has come up with various segments that focus on different aspects of life. The host engages the viewers by representing them on a huge platform. The serial has various interactive segments that allows the viewers to directly interact with the host and get their personalized opinion. Watch Sanskar on YouTube.



Kajal Yadav Odia Movie Actress
DOB: 18 July 1991
Kajal Yadav
Nila Madhab Panda Odia Director
DOB: 18 October 1973
Nila Madhab Panda
Mihir Das Odia Movie Actor
DOB: 17 February 1966
Mihir Das
Sabyasachi Mohapatra Odia Director
DOB: 27 August 1950
Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Amika Shail Odia Playback Singer
DOB: 12 November 1992
Amika Shail
Pranali Rathod Odia TV-Actress
DOB: 15 October 1999
Pranali Rathod