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Other names of Mihir Das: Mihir Kumar Das
Odia Movie Actor Mihir Das
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Mihir Das is a model and Odiya film actor. He was born on February 17, 1966 in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Mihir is an Indian national and now lives in Cuttack. Mihir was married to Sangita Das, a famous singer who died in 2010 due to heart attack. She was the daughter of the popular singer, Chitta Jena. Mihir Das and Sangita Das have a son, Amlan Das Amlan Das is a young talented actor of Oriya film >> Read More... who is also an actor. Mihir received a few Filmographies and awards for his crucial work done in the movies. A few mentioned below: In 1998, he received an award as the best supporting actor for Laxmi Protima. In 1999, he received an award as the best artist for Bidhata. In 2002, he received an award as the best actor for Rakhi Bandhili Mo Rakhiba Mana. In 2005, Mihir Das was honored with the Best Actor endowment for Peoria Mo Suna Bhauni.

In 2007, he was credited and awarded as a leading comedian for Mu Tate Love Karachi. In 2010, he received the first-rate supportive acting prize for Prema Adhei Akhyara. Mihir had begun his film career in 1979 and is still continuing his career as of 2017. His latest film is ‘ Loafer Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ that released in the year 2011. He takes up a new character and a new look for every movie that has to be released in Oriya Film Industry and the industry considers Mihir Das as great personality. Mihir had started his career initially in the Oriya Film Industry with an art film named ‘School Master’ and then in commercial movie Mathura Bijay in the year 1979.

His performance in ‘Pua Mora Bholashankar’ has recognized widely with applause for his skills. Mihir got credits from the Odessa State Government for his acting skills and other noticeable works. He was credited as the best artist by the State Government. Mihir is widely noticed in Odisha movies and sometimes in Telugu screenplays.

The Das’ Family Tree (Infographic Family Tree)

The Das Family Tree


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