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Jhia Amara Nua Bohu Odia TV SERIALS on Tarang TV
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Jhia Amara Nua Bohu Nua Bohu unfolds as a captivating Odia TV serial b >> Read More... is an Odia serial on Tarang TV. The story is a sequel to the serial Nua Bohu. The plot revolves around a girl named Pooja, who is the daughter of Satvik. She is the granddaughter of Zamindaar Sahib (also known as Raj Rajendra Baliya Singh). Zamindaar sahab killed pooja's parents. Pooja stays with her cousin and Bada Maa(aunt). Bada maa is protecting the girls from Zamindar Sahab, who believes that they are dead. Zamindaar Sahab lives in a palace with his third wife and her daughter, Ashu. The elder son of ZamindaR Sahab (and the husband of Bada Maa) also lives with Zamindaar Sahab. He is married to another woman to keep his daughters safe. Zamindaar Sahab adopted a boy, Shiv, when his family died.

He raised the boy like his own son. Shiv idolizes Zamindaar Sahab and has a deep affection for him in his heart. Pooja was getting married to her love. Pooja and Shiv crossed paths a few times and developed resentment towards each other. Zamindar got to know that Pooja was still alive. He forcefully arranged the marriage of Shiv and Pooja. Shiv is an atheist and treats Zamindaar Sahab as a god. He obeys all the orders of Zamindaar Sahab. The story continues to present the married life of Shiv and Pooja. On the wedding day of Pooja, Shiv arrives with his men to take away Pooja. But she manages to run away with her groom. Eventually, Shiv finds her and kills her groom. After the marriage, they both struggled to stay together. Eventually, Bada Maa returns to the palace with her daughter, Archana.

Archana also gets married in a good family, and her husband supports her in every decision. Ashu and her mother tried to create more problems for them. Ashu realized that Shiv would be the heir to the property and wealth after Zamindaar. She wanted to marry Shiv to secure her future. Pooja learned the truth that Zamindaar Sahab killed her parents, but Shiv refused to listen to anything against Zamindaar Sahab. As the episodes continued, the viewers saw a clash between Zamindaar and Pooja. The family joined hands with Pooja to show the true identity of Zamindaar Sahab to Shiv. At last, Pooja proved to Shiv that Zamindaar Sahab was the murderer. Shiv lost his faith in Zamindar Sahab. Then the serial ended with Zamindar becoming a monk and peace restored in their home.


Akash DasNayak Odia Movie Actor
DOB: 17 September 1981
Akash DasNayak
Sabyasachi Mohapatra Odia Director
DOB: 27 August 1950
Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Sambhabana Mohanty Odia TV-Actress
DOB: 27 March 1993
Sambhabana Mohanty