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Aparajita  Assamese TV SERIALS on Rengoni TV
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Aparajita is an Assamese TV serial. It has one season with 349 episodes. The series comes under the genres of drama and soap opera. Julius Gogoi and Kuldip Bora are the directors. The cast includes Roshan Ali Nashad Roshan Ali Nashad is a well-known voice-over artis >> Read More... , Sharmistha Chakraborty Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , and others. The story starts with a young woman, Aparajita. She comes from a typical middle-class family. She tutors children to earn money. When Aparajita was an infant, her mother passed away. Her father was not able to take care of her alone, and so he remarried. He had two daughters from his second marriage. Aparajita grew up with her stepsisters. Her stepmother was a selfish woman. He loved and prioritized her kids while neglecting Aparajita.

Her stepsisters hate her as she is better and more beautiful than them. Aparajita’s father has now retired. He remains worried about his unmarried daughters. Aparajita’s stepmother has always resented her. She tries to instigate her father against her constantly. The stepmother and stepsisters want her to get married and leave the house. Aparajita knows her family does not like her, but she loves them anyway. She prays for their well-being and does not hate them. She gets married to a decent man. However, her in-laws do not like and conspire against her. Aparajita’s life is full of challenges. But she is a brave woman determined to stand strong against life’s obstacles.