Urdu Tv Serial Prem Gali


Prem Gali is a comedy serial that overlaps with romance and was telecasted on ARY Digital. Written by ‘Faiza Iftikhar’ and directed by ‘Qasim Ali Mureed,’ the serial consists of a total of 32 episodes each having a running time of 40 minutes approximately. The serial tells the story of a young bachelor Hamza who moves in a new home in a small but lively colony known as Prem Gali. His family includes his grandfather, his father Hatim, and his uncle Luqman. No sooner had he set foot in the neighborhood he is enchanted by the beauty of a young woman named Joya and it's a love at first sight situation for him in a cliché setting. Joya along with her family are residents of Prem Gali but has gained a notorious reputation because of failed marriages running in the household. Her grandmother Rahat, mother Shireen and aunt Musarrat have all been divorced yet stand strong and empowered.

Another character named Haseena is also introduced in the story. Haseena is a loud and cunning landlord who has rented her upper floor to Hamza and his family while she herself runs a marriage bureau and her unmarried daughter runs a parlour inside the home. Meanwhile Joya gradually falls in love with Hamza after several incidents. Their families meet and after comical events they try to transform their marriage into an arranged one as Joya's family opposed love marriages. Her family agreed to the marriage on tge condition that Hamza would be a ghar damad. This causes some dispute until Tau Hidyat suggested Shireen to accept Hamza's family as paying guests which solved the issue and Hamza married Joya. After the marriage both of them tried to please both of their families fighting the insecurities.

Joya's family was worried about her too getting a divorce and gave her different advices while on the other hand Hamza's family was worried about Joya dying just like their wives previously did. Frustrated, they ran away from the house. However, Hamza's grandfather brought them back guilt trapping them by his fake heart-attack. Meanwhile, Musarrat and Luqman grew closer gradually falling in love. However, when he proposed marriage she disagreed afraid of another divorce later on. Luqman understood and reassured her of her happiness. By the last episode they get married and the serial ends on a happy note with much humour in-between.