Qasim Ali Mureed is a very talented person from the Pakistani film industry. Qasim Ali Mureed is a competent director who started his career with Nadeem Baig Nadeem Baig is a Pakistani actor who worked for th >> Read More... Nadeem Baig years ago and is now one of the best directors in Pakistan. He directed the drama series Aangan and Prem Gali Prem Gali is a comedy serial that overlaps with ro >> Read More... Prem Gali and Neeli Zinda Hai Story soon >> Read More... Neeli Zinda Hai . He also directed the movie Tich Button.

Qasim is married to the famous model Fia Khan Sofia Khan, sometimes known as Fia Khan or Sofi, i >> Read More... Fia Khan and has a daughter, Amelia, with his ex-wife. After the couple separated, Fia married a Turk in Germany. Qasim is now ready to marry producer Sadia Jabbar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sadia Jabbar . His dramas include Aangan (2017), Hania (2019), Prem Gali (2020), Jhooti (2021), and Neeli Zinda Hai (2021).