Telugu Tv Show Okariki Okaru

Okariki Okaru Telugu Tv shows on Zee telugu

Okariki Okaru is a Television show telecasted in the channel Zee TV. This show Okariki Okaru is telecasted in the year 2015 on May 25. Okariki Okaru is a very special show to all the casts in the Zee TV channel. Okariki Okaru is a program, which mainly highlights on the 20 years of Zee TV channel programs held all over the whole years. Many serial Actor and Actress came to the program and joined their hands encouraging everyone. This show Okariki Okaru had many dance performances held on stage.

Pradeep Machiraju and Anasuya Bharadwaj hosted the show. Various Television artists performed Performances. Jackie and Bhavana performed to all NTR songs. The entire serial GoranthaDeepam Team performed all Mayabazar ANR songs. There were performances even given by the comedy couples. Couples including Venu and Sowmya, Gautam Raja and Karate Kalyani also gave their best hit for the comedy skits on the stage. The couple's performance gave a huge blast of entertainment to the audience. Gokul and Pallavi gave their dance performance for Chiranjeevi songs.

Chiranjeevi is known as the king of Tollywood. Srivani and Vikramaditya danced for all Balakrishna’s songs. Abhinaya performed couple Sai Kiran and Rupa Kaur. Superstar Krishna's songs and Srinivas gave Sobhan Babu’s special song performances. Dhanush and Keerthi performed for Junior NTR Songs. Vikas gave the famous performance and Nirupam and Sireesha gave Anjali Jodi for Actor Nagarjuna’s songs and Actor Ventakesh songs. Everyone enjoyed the show a lot like the show Okari Okaru being the silver screen functions, which was held after many years in the Zee TV channel.

The famous comedian comes Actor Sampoornesh Babu also came to the show Okari Okaru and entertained people a lot with his dance performances and many more comedy punches. Sampoornesh Babu’s performance was the highlight of the show Okariki Okaru. Therefore, the show ended peacefully and happily wishing that Zee TV should keep encouraging new stars into the silver screen and should keep on hosting shows like Okariki Okaru often.