Telugu Tv Serial Swamiye Saranamayyappa

Swamiye Sharanaayyapa Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

An Indian serial named Swami Ayyapan released on Asianet channel. Kaushik Babu, a Telugu Actor is the lead actor of the series. Among Malayali audience, the series was a big hit. Under the banner of Merryland Studio, the serial was produced by ‘Karthikeyan’ and ‘Murugan’. It was dubbed in Tamil as Ayyapan in Vijay TV and also in Telugu as Swamiye Saranamayyappa on MAA TV. As the serial had very high ratings and audience wanted it in demand, it was re-launched. It contains the tales of Lord Ayyappa. In the show we saw Devan as Pandhalam Rajavu, Rajan P. Dev as Mahamanthri, Nandhu was as Chakrapani, Sukanya was Pandhalam Maharani, Aishwarya as Maheeshi and Master Kaushik Babu was as Ayyappan/Manikanda Swami.

These were the main characters in the show. Later on, Aishwarya, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Devan and Sukanya Rajan P. Dev were hired in the serial for the main characters along with other outstanding lead artists from Malayalam Television and Film. This show received several awards like awards for the Best Serial, Suresh Unnithan was acknowledged s the Best Director, Kaushik Babu was honoured as the Most Popular Actor and Devan was rewarded as the Best Supporting Actor. A short brief about the show would be as follows. In Travancore, the Pandyas were ruling and Chempazhanattu Kovil was controlled by the descendants of Pandyas dynasty. King Rajasekara directly managed Shivagri.

He was very courageous and talented. However, the ruler was very sad as he had no child of his own and his fellowship were also tensed that there is no one to inherit his kingdom. The queen requested her husband to offer their prays to the Lord Shiva, and to ask him to bless them with an offspring. Meanwhile, the son of Ramban, Mahishasuran, started a severe meditation towards God. Lord Brahma tried every possible way to stop his penance, but he was unable to stop it, so, as a result, having no choice left, Brahma came before Mahishasuran and asked him what reward he wished for.

Mahishasuran in return asked the Lord to grant him the boon of immortality, that is, he would be invincible. Brahma granted him his wish and thus started Mahishasuran’s atrocities on the people of the earth. The Devas of heaven saw this and believed that only a high and divine being would be able to curtail Mahishasuran. Thus, they went to the goddess Chandikadevi and pleaded with her to stop the misuse of Mahishasuran’s powers. Mahishasura was killed in a duel on earth by Chandikadevi. For continuity in the story watch Swamiye Saranamayyappa on Asianet channel.