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Telugu Tv Serial Punar Vivaaham

Punar Vivaaham Telugu Tv serials on Zee telugu

Punar Vivaaham is an Indian Television drama broadcast on Zee Tv Telugu aired from 2012 to 2013 with 325 episodes in two seasons. Punar Vivaaham originally was a Hindi serial which is dubbed in Telugu. Written by Shobhit Jaiswal, Directed by Manish Khandelwal, Produced by Shashi Mittal and Sumeet H Mittal. Lead role played by Gurmeet Chowdhary (Yash Suraj Pratap Sindhia) and Kratika Sengar (Aarti Yash Sindhia).

Punar Vivaaham is a story of two people Yash an Aarti who are single parents as Yash‘s wife died in an accident on the day of their daughter’s birthday and Aarti whose husband Prashant left her for someone else and she lives with her In-Laws with her son Ansh. Yash and Aarti’s parents want them to remarry, but they refused but to well being of their kids they agreed to marry each other. In starting both faced problems to adjust between their previous lifestyle and after married life. Aarti struggles as her In-Laws have high expectation with her and she tries to make balance between her responsibility towards kids and household. Yash’s daughters Palak and Payal both were against her, but later Aarti wins their hearts, but Yash still misses his 1st wife and treat Aarti as only Mother of kids, Long time they share a relation of hesitation. Later, when their trip to Mumbai they fall in Love but after this Yash start feeling guilty as he is feeling that he has cheated his 1st wife, and he starts behaving rudely with Aarti and when he comes to know that Aarti is pregnant, he tells her to abort the child but Aarti made Yash realise where he is wrong and then everything goes well. Meanwhile Aarti’s husband comes back as a Yash’s friend as everyone knows that the Aarti’s husband is dead, this creates misunderstanding between Aarti and her In-laws but this time Yash supports Aarti. Later in attempt to save Ansh from Prashant Yash kills Prashant. But this kidnapping makes a twist in a story as it is revealed Aakash, who helped Prashant is son of Yash’s father, This creates a lot of problems in the family and the difference between Yash and Aarti arises as their newborn Aayu kidnapped by an Aakash’s wife who is obsessed with Yash. But Yash’s Brother Prateek and his wife adopt a child who is actually Aayu, later Aarti finds the truth and tell Yash everything and they start living happily again with family. In the second season of Punar Vivaaham Yash and Aarti catches Ishita and then lives happily.

Punar Vivaaham was a huge hit among audiences as it has a different story and concept. But later when the show lost its original track.

Another version of this story...

A Drama – Romance serial, Punarvivah was launched on 20th February 2012 on ZEE Telugu Television. Created by Shashi Sumeet Productions and Directed by Prabhu Hermant R. And written by Usha Dixit, Seema Mitra and Shobbit Jaiswal them with their cast and the really good story they succeed in 457 episodes to change something in the mentality of the audience when it was aired weekly from Monday to Friday at 10:30PM. Last episode was broadcasted on 21st November 2013. Well chosen cast like Gurmeet Choudhary, Kratika Sengar, Sarwar Ahuja, Shweeta Munshi, Dishank Arora, Leena Jumani, Chetan Pandit, Dolly Minhas, Palavi Rao, Ananya Khare, Rakesh Kukreti and many other great actors can take all the credentials for this serial and for the work that they made in this serial.

The storyline presents the life of Aarti and Yash two divorced people. In a conservatory society is hard to accept the remarriage of two people. Aarti is a divorced woman with a son and Yash is a widower with two girls. They met and fall in love when they first saw each other and decided to marry even the society and the traditions didn’t agree with this. In this new marriage, they face many problems and have to adapt and make these three children to understand with each other. This serial changed some of the audience and it was agreed and in some places it started some issues about this kind of story.