Telugu Tv Serial Naa Autograph

Naa Autograph Telugu tv-serials on ZEE TELUGU

"Naa Autograph" was a Telugu TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by the leading Telugu network, Zee Telugu. The TV show was a special TV program made for a special purpose. The aim was to make a show like Naa Autograph, was to connect the viewers with various prominent names in the industry. The TV show ran for 30 minutes on Zee Telugu. Naa Autograph show came on TV in the year 2012. "Naa Autograph" was a TV show made for the Tollywood actors, Tollywood actresses and politicians. The show told the stories of Tollywood industry and many other prominent names in the industry. The TV show is like a chit- chat show where the host of the TV show talks with the guest. The show gives an apt introduction about the guest and, later on invites him or her.

Then, the host starts the show lightly by asking the stars a few questions about their lives, their childhood, school life, college life. Then moves onto their career and getting into the industry, their struggle stories, their helping hand, rise to success, special moments shared, family life including parents to spouses to children and many such few questions. The show had the concept of sharing sweet memories of actors, politicians, heroes, heroines, famous dancers and other famous personalities with the viewers. The personalities like Thagubothu who is an actor, Roja who is an actress and a politician, Talasani Srinivas who is another politician, Sandeep and Jyothi Raj, Harika, Smitha Madhav who is a famous Bharatanatyam dancer, Ravi Teja who is an actor and many others came as guests on the show for sharing their sweet memories.

There were also fun moments when the host of the show could just play small games. There was no couch or location on which show was shot, but it would be any place related to that particular guest. It could be their homes, shooting locations etc. The TV show features special uncut footages of all the special moments,pictures from their childhood, their special and memorable moments in their lives and also a lot about the luxury and perks of becoming famous. The show has been loved by the audience as it has made the personalities connect more with their viewers and fans. Also, the audience got to know more about their favorite celeb's personal and professional lives.