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Gomatha TV series by Sri Creations under Kamadhenu Arts banner with the good wishes of Sri ParipoornanandaSaraswathiSwamijiand Sai Kiran in the lead role of Lord Siva. Kannada Sridhar,Suman,Raghunadha Reddy, Sana,Ragini, Krishna Veni, etc in supporting roles. V V Vinayak said that the serial portrays the evolution of 'Gomatha' (Mother Cow) in a beautiful way. This will be viewed by all, Kishan Reddy said.It helps the goal of 'Save The Cow' which could not stop the slaughtering of cows whatever laws are there.

There is a necessity for this sort of serials and films that promote the need of Cows to mankind and hence protect them.The importance of the concept is profound and all his best wishes are with the team. According to Paripoornananda Swamiji River Ganges,Tulsi, Bhagavad-Gita and Cow are the most revered elements for Hindus. Especially, Gomatha is the most highly esteemed of the animal lot. They could do a movie but it is completed in just two hours. A TV series can be watched and remembered over a long time. Therefore this serial. The Teleplay, Story and dialogues will impress everyone. They are taking care and making an effort so that this stays on for long.

There are talks of dubbing this in other Indian languages. They hope that this programme will help to preserve the Hindu Dharma in the long run. Director UdayBhaskar said that he has done many historical and mythological serials on TV. So, when Swamiji went to him, he agreed instantly. A lot of scientific research is going into the project. A lot of details have been incorporated the series to make it look authentic. Sai Kiran expressed his utmost pleasure in playing the role of Lord Shiva, which is the lead. Arjun is the music composer for the series. The man behind the lens is Meer-Bhaskar. AnnadanamChidambaraShastry has been given the additional responsibility for doing Additional Writing.