Telugu Tv Serial Bhatti Vikramarka

Bhatti Vikramarka Telugu Tv serials on Dd telugu

Bhatti Vikramarka is the serial telecast on Doordarshan Telugu language version channel. The name for the series is on behalf of the famous Indian historical king named Vikramarka. The following synopsis is all about the bravery and intelligence of the king Vikramarka. The Telugu speaking people are much interested in historical stories like Vikramarka and Bethel which made this program a big hit. DD National is the primary telecast network under which all other sub-language channels developed.

The same serial is firstly made its debut on DD National channel in the Hindi language with another name. The name with which this program telecasted in the network was Vikram Aur Bethel. Both the following synopses are same, but there is a small difference in the name of the serials. The main character Vikramarka is a king from the Gupta period and Bhatti is his minister. The story of the series is all about the visiting of Vikramarka to the different world and achieving magical powers with his courage and humor.

Bhatti, who is the minister of Vikramarka’s kingdom, always helps him whenever the king was in need. The concept of the series is that once Vikramarka visits Heaven to decide who the best dancer among Rambha and Urvasi is. For his brilliance and as a gift Indra gives a thrown which consists of 32 steps. All these 32 steps tell stories about Vikramarka to a former king who wants to climb the thrown. The central concept of the serial is that the opposition king Prachanda tries to gain some magical powers by doing yaga for this king a cunning sage tries to help. In this process both the cunning bodies asks Vikramarka to bring Bethel from a nearby tree located in the graveyard.

In this process, Bethel asks various logical questions to which Vikramarka has to answer correctly. At last, Bethel explains the cruel intention of the sage and helps Vikramarka in gaining the magical power. The stories said by Bethel to Vikramarka are the Bethel stories. These stories make the viewer think logically and contribute in increasing his IQ level. Some of the Historians say that these stories are just a creation of most of the stories are like un-natural, but some believe that there is a king exists with the name Vikramarka. The Viewer can use official website for more information about this program.