Telugu Tv Serial Akshintalu

Akshintalu Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Akshinthalu is a daily soap opera aired on Gemini TV from Monday to Friday every 6:30 – 7:00 in the evening. The serial was premiered on April 14, 2014 and currently running its 64th episodes.

The story is about a man, Narayana Rao (played by Prasad Babu) and his five daughters. He was a very responsible father and he feels that her daughters are like angels for him. He wants what’s best for her daughter and obtains a better married life.

Narayana fixed her eldest daughter’s marriage. However, the life of her daughter in her in-laws is different from what Narayana dreams about. Her daughter tries to hide everything from her father.

Meanwhile, her daughter’s husband has a brother and a sister. And her sister, Leela is getting close to the brother of her husband. She tries to warn and stopped her sister but realizes that her husband is supporting his brother. Despite of the problems that she has on her in-laws, she still wants her father to be happy. But her father came to knew everything.

The story will evolve on how the eldest and Narayana’s relationship will change after finding out the real situation and the dilemma on her daughter’s married life. The serial is more about the bond between a father and his five daughters.

Another version of this story...

Akshinthalu is an Indian Telugu serial broadcast on Gemini TV; Akshinthalu telecasted Monday to Friday at 9.00 PM. The serial started from 14th April 2014. Prasad Babu id in lead role in Akshinthalu.

The serial revolves around a family in which five daughters live with her father (character played by Prasad Babu). The father of the daughters wants to give each and every happiness to his daughters, he is living with a desire to give a perfect life to his daughter He wants to give his daughter a perfect life. He has his own dreams for his daughters, but the daughters who also love their father so much they are pretending to be happy in front of their father as they have their own problems with their in laws, But they are hiding this truth from their father as it will knowing the truth will hurt him. The general issues of women come in daughter’s life, but they passionately tolerate everything for their father, but slowly despite daughter’s tried to hide the problem from their father he slowly start sensing the problem in his daughter’s life.

Akshinthalu is very popular serial on Gemini TV as it has a very strong story and subject and due to this it is quite famous between women audiences.