Tamil Tv Show Vada Pochea

Vada Pochea Tamil tv-shows on Sun Music

Vada Pochea is a hidden camera show telecast from 9 pm to 10 pm on Sun Network. This show uses the format of a hidden camera and plays pranks on local people who have no idea that they are being recorded. Each episode contains different sets of gags. The most hilarious and funny part of the show is the reaction of the unsuspecting people who most likely think the actors are real people. At the end of every segment, the people are told that it is, in fact, a prank, and they are on a show.

It is hilarious to see them breathing a sigh of relief or laughing uncontrollably or showing varying emotions. Gags range from bizarre to weird to outright funny. The segments have been mostly filmed in Chennai and take hours to shoot. It is interesting to see how the local people take in the pranksters. Most people have no idea how to react in such a situation. However, they never fail to generate a laugh in the audience. It is usually accompanied by some funny music scores in the background. Unusual situations are brought before the local people by the pranksters. In the end, they are probably relieved to know that it is not real and that it is just a show. Most of them are excited to know that they are on television.

The actors are brilliant, and they finish these pranks perfectly without any glitch. It requires great patience to pull off such things, and they do it in a simple manner. Costumes and props are a big help to most of these actors. Sometimes over-the-top make-up and masks are used to disguise themselves. Most of the actors are recognisable, and these props let them hide their identity. Celebrities are also not spared. Vada Pochea has special episodes dedicated to pranking celebrities through fake interviews and phone calls.

None of the celebrity expects such a situation, and it is quite funny to see them react. In the end, most of them are surprised to be a victim of these jokes. Most practical jokes are successfully executed in a very smooth manner. Sometimes the local people respond in a positive way while some do not like to be pranked. But it is worth watching different human reactions and emotions. They evoke a great form of laughter. It is a full one hour of entertainment and time passes by quickly.