Tamil Tv Show Dinesh In Thedal

Dinesh In Thedal Tamil TV SHOWS on IBC Tamil

Dinesh in Thedal, a special Tamil language show was telecasted by the popular Tamil TV Channel IBC Tamil. This is a one hour TV documentary that runs on the screens of IBC Tamil. The TV show is produced as well as hosted by Dinesh Kumar. The TV show is like a TV travel documentary series. The host explores the nature by visiting various places and, cherishes the beauty of nature. He goes on to explore various intriguing lifestyles. He discusses the beauty of the nature around our globe. He visits many beautiful locations in India and abroad as well. These locations are not just scenic or just beautiful, but they have a certain history associated with them, certain traditions, and much more.

First few episodes were shot in foreign countries. He went to Scotland, where he showed the audiences the beauty of Scotland. He explored the music of the country, various amazing places to visit in the country, talked to many people of the country, went to many beaches, rivers and talked about their significance and much more. Like this, he goes to other countries and talks about the same. Once he went to a chicken farm where he saw different breeds of hens and, chicken. He also saw other kinds of animals like different parrots, peacocks, birds, rabbits, and other pet animals and birds on the farm. During the entire show, he talked to the man who owns the farm and, takes care of all these animals and birds. In another episode, he went on to explore Cuddalore Kathamuthu. He also went to Aerikkarai where he saw the species living in water and mountains. He has visited a lot of places like these where he saw how people live with various animals. His basic motive is to spread the knowledge of various places of the world to the other parts of the world.

In one episode he interviewed Niroshan Thillainathan who wants to spread and share the knowledge of Tamil in various parts of Europe. In his show, he also talks to a lot of native people to gather more knowledge. When he visits houses, farms or offices; he interviews the owners of that place about everything. This Travel documentary is about visiting different places, cherishing the beauty of nature and, spreading a lot of knowledge among the audiences. It is an excellent and infomercial family show.