Tamil Tv Show Cine Pattarai

Cine Pattarai Tamil TV SHOWS on Mukil TV

Cine Pattarai is a film based television show in the Tamil language that was telecasted on the channel, Mukil FM. Mukil FM is an online channel in YouTube and a 24-hour infotainment smart media channel. The show was launched on this channel. Later on, the channel was also made into a mobile application. The show has had more than 200 episodes and is still in the running. Each episode of the show had a runtime of thirty minutes. Cine Pattarai is a news show based on movies.

The show is like a gossip show on cinemas. The show gives you insight into the lives of various celebrities and different news regarding them. The memorable performances of legendary actors, the candid moments of different actresses, achievements of many different veteran celebrities, etc., the show talks about all of them. Each episode focuses on one such celebrity and their achievements and gossips about them.

The show had many such episodes. One such episode was all about popular actress Ambika’s memorable moments in her journey in the film industry, the ups and downs of her career, and the pinnacle of her career; all were shown in the episode. Another such episode was on renowned music director of the South Indian film industry, Ilaya Raja and his first venture into a Hollywood project. Another episode was made on Music director Anirudh, who was the music director of the movie, Thuruva Natchathiram, and his music career.

Raghava Lawrence’s career in horror movies and his eminent contribution to the genre made the content of one episode. Another such episode was all about the rumor of actor Siva Karthikeyan and actress Nayanthara being a couple. The acting school opened by director Balu Mahendra was the content of another such episode. The show gave equally informative news and also a lot of juicy gossips to keep the attention of their viewers intact. The show had no particular host or anchor. It is more like a narrative where a background voice tells the stories of these eminent personalities.

The show has also celebrated a lot of popular and late celebrities who had made valuable contributions to the Indian film industry in their life time. The show was very popular and each episode got a lot of views. The audience was greatly informed and intrigued by the various kinds of film news that the show had in its kitty which made the show super hit.