Tamil Tv Show Chutti Seithigal

Chutti Seithigal Tamil TV SHOWS on Chutti TV

Chutti Seithigal is a kid's news show which is aired on Star Vijay. By the title of the serial one can easily understand that Chutti Seithigal is meant for kids. The show creates awareness among kids about the various significant events happening around the world. It is airs on weekdays in the evenings. It is not like most other news and serials, as Chutti Seithigal is shown which is hosted by kids. In each episode, there are two kids who brief the viewers about the news around the world. Being a kids show, the producers need to take care of the content they are going to show. It is not specific to any one field. It can relate to science, politics, terrorism, economics, world finance, strange news, or world economy. It shows clips from the riots happening around the world. Anything new in technology will always get its interest from various kids. Being a small serial, the producers get the clips of the events from various other sources. They legally get the clips and then decide to telecast them. The news is always recent, and there is no old news. The channel only shows a brief about a particular event, and going into details might take more than a day which is longer than its half an hour runtime.

The two kids are standing in front of a light blue background. It looks like there is only one camera which is solely focused on them. The background behind them looks like a magnified image of the sky. It is a real life picture and not a computer generated image. After close observation, it looks like the sun in rising from the East. Most of the times, happy news is shown on the show. It can be about the discovery of a new species in Australia, or it can be about a car which has built by Mercedes. Images are also shown in a slide show format. While the images are being displayed, there is a relaxing music which is played in the background. In every episode, there is a new background image. With its aim to create awareness among kids, the show focuses on animals and about the issues they are taught in school. It focuses less on the riots, terrorism, economics, sports, and other related things.