Tamil Tv Show Aalaya Darisanam

Aalaya Darisanam Tamil tv-shows on RAJ TV

Aalaya darisanam Dharsisaman is telecasted on Raj TV from Monday to Friday at 5.30AM early in the morning. Aalaya darisanam Dharisaman is a Tamil TV program which is broadcasted by a Tamil channel. Raj TV is a well known Southern Tamil Network which has been long established and is popular for its age and existence till date. Aalaya darisanam Dharisanam is a religious program which brings in the view of the audience various temples in the country along with a description of the temple and its uniqueness in the most ecstatic and spiritual manner. The show is hosted by a female anchor who speaks in Tamil in the most fluent and polite accent. Her way of delivering the show is a treat to the eyes which enhances the program to another level.

The show telecasts about each temple individually. A temple from a specific place is selected and each and every single detail about the temple is provided to the viewers in the most interesting and pleasing manner. The show telecast details about bout the architectural beauty of the temple, the year in which the temple was built and who was the king or emperor who constructed the temple, about the God or Goddesses in the temple and the reason why the the temple has been built for that God in that particular place. The show also brings to the sight of viewers the entire view of the temple with each of the entrance the temple has got along with the holy well. Any specific specialty for which the temple is popular is also briefed and conveyed in the program.

A constant background voice detailing the audience about the intricate information of the temple keeps running behind the visualization that is telecasted on in the television. small rooms made for other deities in the temple is also showed in the program. A priest from the particular temple shall talk to the program about the temple and explains the predominant reason for the creation of the temple. The priest may also sight some short incidents or interesting stories about the specific God/ deitywho is the center of attraction of the temple. He briefs us about the popularity of the temple in that area and the major reason for which most of the devotees keep visiting the temple. Watch Aalaya darisanam Dharisanam on Raj TV every morning and start your day with a sprint of positive vibes, devotion and spirituality which will help you accomplish all the good deeds and goals that you have set for the day.