Tamil Tv Serial Vaazhkai Kovilgal

Vaazhkkai Kovilgal Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Vaazhkai Kovilgal is a religious informative TV show to be aired on Sun TV.  This program is one of their informational shows. In this show, the anchor travels to different temples in each episode and tells the viewers everything related to that temple. They tell the history why the temple is built and how many people visit the temple, why they visit it and the things that happen in the temple.  They tell the viewers how to get to that temple and where to stay,  foods available and other things.

In one of the episodes, they visited Annamalaiyar Temple, situated in Tiruvannamalai. They said that the temple is famous for its four tallest gateway towers and was built for Lord Shiva. It's located in the hills. In another episode, they traveled to Gangaikonda Cholapuram, situated in Thanjavur, and told the viewers that the temple is known for its engineering model. The temple has one of the largest, statues of Nandi in whole south India. The show had some interviews that featured the people from these temples, some local people and some vendors who lived there and told the anchor everything about the temple.

They visited Rameshwaram Temple that has one of the 12 jyotirlingas. They told the importance of the temple and why people visit it. In this episode, they told the viewers that the people visit these temples to get what they want. 

Another Version Of This Show

 “Vaazhkai Kovilgal” is a Tamil Tv show that aired on Sun Tv in 2012. This show is like a Vlogging of Old traditional Temples. Many Temples of South India have been manifested in this serial. The motto is to study the history of old South Indian Temples.

The show gives us intense information of a particular Temple like-: The History of the Temple, Who was the founder, What kind of materials were used to build the Temple, The Architecture and carvings, Story behind the Temple carvings, Reviews of the people who are visiting the temple, Interrogation of the Priest of the temple or the Caretaker of the Temple, Faith of people in the temple or does some Sacred incantation has ever happened inside the Temple.