Tamil Tv Serial Keladi Kanmani

Keladi Kanmani Tamil tv-serials on SUN TV

Keladi Kanmani is a Tamil thriller serial that is broadcasted by Sun TV. The show premiered was first aired on the 6th of April 2015. It is televised from Monday to Saturday at 6 O’clock in the evening. Actors Arnav and Shefaali Shamili are cast in the lead roles in the soap opera. The show has been directed by P. Selvam and is being produced by Cine Times Entertainment. The serial has 2 seasons; season 1 is centered around Maya, a mentally disabled woman, who is the daughter of Nandakumar and Bhavani. Nandakumar divorces his wife and remarries another woman.

Bhavani strives to raise Maya alone but is faced with lots of obstacles as a single mother. Bhavani unable to face up to the difficulties of life, tries to commits suicide. To save Maya from a life of potential abuse or even death, Yugi comes and marriesMaya. Yugi's mother does not accept Maya as her daughter-in-law because of the fact thatMaya is mentally disabled. Though faced with a multitude of difficulties Yugi and Maya love for each other remains sacrosanct.After some time a priest tells Bhavani that if she wants her daughter to be cured of her ailment, she must perform worship at a very holy place.

Bhavani takes Maya to that location and performs the required prayers. The season ends with Maya's mother sacrificing her life to cure Maya and make her a normal woman. The moment Maya wakes up from her trance, her mother passes on. Maya now remembers nothing of her previous life. She is brought to the house of the head priest of the temple, where she is renamed Mahalakshmi. Season 2 starts with the temple asking Maha, an unmarried girl, to walk around the village naked to fulfill the god's wishes. To save Maha from this travesty, Vijay decides to marry Maha.

Maha, now a married woman, can no longer do the required sacrifices. There is a slight problem with the situation, though, Vijay's family is cursed by a snake, whoever tries to marry him or his siblings will die. Maha is special, though, she is a blessed of the snake god. Vijay's father and elder brother are unhappy with Vijay's decision to marry Maya and try to kill her. The story revolves around Maha as she attempts to escape the trap set by his family all the while trying to gain their approval.

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