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Sree Narayan Guru is a Malayalam TV Serial. The serial has been promoted by Sree Narayan Guru Productions. The show is wholly and solely based on the life of Indian social reformer Sree Narayan Guru. The show came on air in the year 2014.

Born in Kerala in the year 1856, when the state was suffering from social injustices like casteism and social inequality, he fought back to promote social equality and freedom. The first episode shows people being tortured, beaten and killed in the name of caste. The women were treated badly and also molested. The first episode shows all kinds of the cruelty of the humankind. Then, a child is born , who is a gift from the God for humankind. The child was meant to be a blessing from the God. The show runs in two perspectives; one from that of God and the other the inhumanity and fight against it in Kerala. The child is none other than Sree Narayan Guru born to Kuttiyamma and Madan in the village Chempazhanthy, Thiruvananthapuram.

He came from a very poor family. The little child in his growing age worked as a cowherd . One day Kummanpalllil Raman Pillai Asan saw Narayana herding the cows and he was filled with awe by the child’s innocence. Therefore, he admitted Narayana in a school run by Moottha Pillai Asan and after that Raman Pillai Asan taught him for six years. He also learned Yoga in those years. Raman Pillai Asan taught him about social equality and reforms which enlightened him. Also, Vedanta had an influence on the little Narayana. Narayana started teaching Sanskrit and religion to the local children. In the other episodes, he practices yoga and religion. He fights back all the social injustices with his spiritual learnings. He promotes values of freedom from casteism and social injustice. He along with his follows also erects a temple of Shiva to defy the old tradition that only Brahmins could build temples. He left the world in peace in 1927.

The show has a total of 19 episodes and one last episode which is a special episode on the Samadhi of Sree Narayan Guru. The audience loved the show. His followers love him, follow him, and follow his work, ethics, and values. Sree Narayan Guru on 21st August commemorated on the postage stamp of India. The day of birth of Sree Narayan Guru and the day of his Samadhi both are public holidays in the state of Kerala.