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Special OPS Hindi WEB SERIES on Hotstar

Special OPS is a Hindi Language web series created for Disney+Hotstar. It was created by Neeraj Pandey. He, with the help of Benazir Ali Fida and Deepak Kingrani, wrote the show. Neeraj Pandey also directed the show with the help of Shivam Nair. It was produced by Shital Bhatia under the banner Friday Storytellers. Star India distributed it. It is an action thriller web series that had Kay Kay Menon as its lead. The show had eight episodes, and all 8 episodes were released on 17 March 2020. The series is inspired by several Indian missions that were conducted secretly. The show starts with Himmat Singh, played by Manon, who is the main Research and analysis wing, is called into question for hiding facts and spending all the govt money without telling where he is spending it.

He had spent 28 crores to investigate an attack on parliament that happened in 2001. They were questioning him because they think he is mistaken over some facts and now spending money without any facts. Later he tells them that he had several agents in several countries, and all are working towards finding the real victims. The show goes back to 2001, where Himmat Singh was investigating the attack on parliament. He somehow finds out that there are six men involved in the attack. People think there are only five, and he is mistaken. After many investigations, he reaches the 6th guy and finds that he is able to escape easily. Himmat finds out that he has burned all the evidence and he finds a piece of the passport that had his half-burned pictures in it.

At the same time, an agent named Farooq Ali, played by Karan Tacker, said that he had found Ikhlaq Khan, who might be the one they are looking for. Himmat tells him that he should meet him and look into the matter. Farooq goes to meet Ikhlaq with the help of a guy, but he refuses to meet him. After that Farooq, meets a guy who says that he is close to Ikhlaq Khan and can help him meet him, he says that he should work hard to get close to him. This is where Farooq meets a girl, who is someone else's girlfriend named Sonya who is played by Sana Khan and falls in love with her. She also starts to love him. After that, a few other agents also reach the same country.

Hafiz Ali, who is the boss of everything, sends her third wife to India to kill a person from Pakistan so that both countries start fighting. But they refused to blast and failed his plan. Later they all find out that Hafiz Ali is Ikhlaq Khan and hiding his real identity. He says that he has been planning all the things for many years. There is a Maulavi who confirms this news and tells Himmat Singh that he is the one who got him married to the girls. Farooq, with the help of Sonya, makes a plan to find out if this news is real.

He holds her hostage to escape from the situation, and he confirms that what the Maulavi is saying is true. Later all the secret agents go to a party to catch him. They all get into a fight with him, and one of the agents dies in the fight. They all abort the mission and then go back to the hiding place. They all want to get revenge. Later they manage to kill him, and the show ends on a happy note. Later, it was dubbed in English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Marathi languages as well. Other star cast includes Vinay Pathak, Vipul Gupta, Sajjad Delafrooz, Saiyami Kher, Mehar Vij, and Gautami Kapoor. Watch the show on Disney+Hotstar.