Hindi Tv Show Yeh Pyaar Nibhayenge Hum

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Yeh Pyaar Nibhayenge Hum is a show whose pilot was recorded but the producers never got the chance to air it. Karan Wahi is the hero of the daily soap. The pilot was recorded way back in 2011, but due to certain difficulties, namely the IPL, the producers thought about being the launch date deep into 2012. Later due to some creative problems the channel canceled the daily soap altogether.

Karan Wahi needed this serial to go on air for launching his career back on track. He is a heartthrob for many girls, and he does realize it. His roles in a few serials before this didn't go down well with the audience. They hated him for those roles and wanted him to do something which will give him more screen time. He has been heard saying that many boys have to work hard to get even one girl whereas, he doesn't need to do anything and everyone is behind him.

He has grown to accept this behavior, and he has also started to enjoy it. It was a love story, and the title of the serial has been taken from a famous song. He has told that he was doing a romantic show which had the title of a song from a famous film as it helps the audience to connect with it better. There were supposed to be scenes which were copied from a few movies.

According to Karan, copying the scene is a bad thing which he will not be doing willingly, but if the directors and the actors can work together and add a little spice to it, then he wouldn't have any problem in doing the particular scene. According to a few clips which have been leaked online, Yeh Pyaar Nibhayenge Hum seems to be a love story about a street fighter. Karan Wahi plays the role of a street fighter who has no other option but to fight as a source of living.

The cast selected was relatively young. It included the likes of Karan Mehra, Behzaad Khan, and Reema Worah. These three actors would have important roles to play, and they would have been accompanying Karan on screen.