Hindi Tv Show Warrior High

Warrior High was a youth show. It was created by Vikas Gupta under the banner Lost Boy Production, and Shashank Bharadwaj directed it. The show was originally telecasted on MTV India, but after its completion Rishtey started telecasting it in weeknight slot, 7 pm and 10 pm from 16 March. Its story revolved around a boarding school, ‘Warrior High’, located in Dehradun, India where students from different backgrounds come to fight for their dreams. It involves the friendships and relationships formed in Warrior High among the social tension within the orphanage students and rich students.

The show first features three children, Niti, Utkarsh, and Siyali, living in an orphanage. They are together from their childhood and are best of friends as a family. The orphanage that they live in is a strict Christian orphanage. They get a chance to study at ‘Warrior High’ as scholarship students. Utkarsh keeps a frog aka maa with him which he considers to be his mother’ reincarnation. Parth is one more of the student whose entry is shown while fighting because of which he gets rusticated. He also gives scholarship exam for Warrior High as it is his father’s dream. Siyali, due to some reasons, stay in the school in the disguise of Angela, but on the fresher day, her secret is revealed. To their luck, they all are accepted to the school. Parth starts falling for Vibha Anand who is an assistant teacher. She was also an ex-student of Warrior High of 2013 batch. Vibha also feel for her, but denies to accept it as she is his teacher. Siddharth Rajput has a girlfriend Krissane D’Souza who is the diva of the school. She always comments on Siyali and Niti and humiliates them.

Siddharth starts falling for Siyali, and later it is revealed that Utkarsh is his brother which their mother, Urmila Rajput had kept as a secret. Charlie Chauhan who is a friend of Siddharth starts feeling for Neeti. But, when comes the time to support her, he gets scared due to society as Neeti is a dwarf, and rejects her and makes fun of her in front of everyone which breaks Neeti. School elections come in which Siddharth & Utkarsh competes for Head Boy and Krissane & Siyali for Head Girl. Eventually, Siddharth & Siyali win. A new student comes whose name is Angela. She is shown to be bold, confident, but whenever someone touches her, she loses herself. A funny catfight takes place between Krissane and Angela for Utkarsh. Krissane is jealous of her as she always stay with Utkarsh.

In order to teach her a lesson, she reads her diary and tells everyone that Angela has AIDS so that Utkarsh stays away from her. But, Utkarsh actually supports her and tells her to live her life fully. A love triangle forms in which Krissane likes Utkarsh, whereas he likes Angela. Sid proposes Siyali, and she is shocked. Neeti advices Sid to dance on a classical song for her, and he does. Finally, Siyali realizes her and Sid’s love. But, her friends, Neeti, Utkarsh, and Parth thinks that Sid is just using Siyali. When they go on a date and gets intimate, Utkarsh comes there with other students and bashes him. When he is about to attack back, Urmila comes in between and tells Sid the truth that how she chose one son over another and requests him to sacrifice this time instead of seeing his love for Siyali.

Sid agrees, and he goes to Siyali and lies to her that it was all a trap with no feelings as he could not take a no. Siyali thinks that he wants to see her vulnerable, so she leaves, and the moment she leaves Sid breaks down. Parth takes all the blame on his head when rumors are spread about him and Vibha, and is ready to face rustication which makes Vibha guilty. So, Vibha resigns from the school to stop him from getting rusticated which shows true love. The season ends with the life stories of Siyali, Sid, Angela, Neeti, Charlie, Utkarsh, Krissane, Vibha, and Parth, and also Utkarsh saying bye to Urmila, his mother.

The cast included Suhasini Mulay aka Anvesha Rajput, Chahat Sabaji aka Urmila Rajput, Laksh Lalwani aka Parth Samthaan, Anupriya Kapoor aka Vibha Anand, Anshuman Malhotra aka Utkarsh Rajput, Ashwini Koul aka Siddharth Rajput, Sanaya Pithawalla aka Siyali, Juhi Aslam aka Neeti Awasthi, Shweta Bajpai aka Krissane D’Souza, Dishank aka Shishant, Amaad Mintoo aka Ayaz Ahmed, Romit Sharma aka Rishabh Desai, Meera Arveen aka Kamini Chitralekha Singh, Anand Agarwal aka Charlie Chauhan, Subuhi Joshi aka Angela Fernandes Rawani, Prerna Ghimiray aka Prerna, Scarlett Rose aka Rose, Surinder Kaur aka Vibha’s grandmother, Ritu Raj Singh aka Pankaj’s mother, and Divya Jagdale aka Parth’s mother.

The show also featured actors of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. They were shown to be batch mates of Vibha, and Manik was her best friend. They even were shown to talk on the phone several times, and a performance by Fab 5 when they come to the school and few moments they spend there. They constantly remain the part of the show. Apparently, the name of characters in the show are after real names of actors of Kais Yeh Yaariyan. It also had Vibha’s grandmother, and a teacher, Kamini Chitralekha Singh. It displayed the problems that a youngster face in a boarding school.