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Thumb Wrestling Federation was an American children’s live-action program that was shot on BBC Two, BBC 1 and CBBC channel. It was once telecasted in channels Nicktoons, Cartoon Network and Kid’s WB in the United States. Currently, aired on Cartoon Network Philippines at 4:55 pm on weekdays with half hour recap editions. In the United States, it presently, is telecast on Kix between some shows.

The creator of the program is Larry Schwartz of Animation Collective. The show features the wrestling match between two rival groups just like a professional wrestling match, which includes colorful characters. The protagonists Dexteras, wrestle against their rivals, Sinistras to win TWF title. Before the present state, TWF was an honorable Federation which was managed by the older people, TWF legend, Newt being the president. Everything was going perfectly until a rival thumb; Pageboy Skull came in demanding a high position in TWF without any respect to people like Newt andColonel Cossack (present commentator for TWF).. Phineas D Finger and The Stash are also given this same treatment.

President Newt Knuckle denied Pageboy Skull, which raged him and ended up in a rivalry between the two. Pageboy Skull, later on, declared himself Senator Skull, formed a group named the Sinistras to defeat the president. He rebelled against the whole Federation as his way of revenge. Now, this is where the story gets the usual excitement. A hero and a villain, and tons of action. The Sinistras with their head as Senator Skull plans to take over TWF and possibly the world, to emerge out as the ultimate power. But as long as Newt Knuckle stays alive, their plan isn’t going to work. There are total five seasons in which the Dexteras and Sinistras wrestle for TWF title. The wrestling is hosted by two commenters, Dick Thompson and the retired TWF Champion Colonel Cossack.

The series gets interesting as the rivalry continues head to head, but like usual, we could predict the hero wins the game. The hero defeats the villain, and it is the end of the match. But before the happy ending, the hero like always faces a fall before he rises to the success which we all know that he would be humble enough to accept. Meanwhile, a split takes place, and Newt Knuckle and Phineas D Finger vanish. While few others retired from former positions. The Sinistras and the Dexteras wrestle weekly for the TWF title.