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Pogo is one of the largest children show networks in India. It premiered on 1st January 2004. Turner Broadcasting brought this Channel in India. Turner Broadcasting comes under Time Warner for India. Warner Bros is renowned for animated children shows and cartoons. Thomas and Friends is an English TV Show. It is a British Television Series. Thomas and Friends premiered in the year 1984 in Great Britain on the ITV Channel. The storyline of Thomas and Friends is based on Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son Christopher Awdry's books `The Railway Series´.

The Railway Series tracks the adventures of a gang of road vehicles and anthropomorphised locomotives. They live on a fantasy island of Sodor. The idea of writing these stories came into Wilbert's mind when he narrated stories to his son Christopher while he was suffering from measles. Some of the initial stories in the first four series of The Railway Series are factual events. Awdry also included his experiences in the book. Just like in the book `The Railway Series´, Thomas and his friends go on a trip on the Sodor Island.

Thomas and his friends are locomotive tank engines. Thomas out of all is always eager to experience new things and wants to help everyone in any way possible. He tries a bit harder than required and ends up getting in trouble. To become a really useful engine, he attempts to perform something that is for him not possible. Thomas' best friend Percy is the sweetest and kindest. He is always willing to help everyone and be good. Gordan, the big engine, is the strongest of them all.

Gordan is also very humble and knows when and where to use his strength. He uses his powers and intelligence to help the smaller engines in solving their problems. James is also Thomas' friend. James is not as small as Thomas and not as big as Gordan. He has a pretty brass and a scarlet coat. He thinks that he is a really strong engine. Sometimes, this thought of James about himself steers to false ideas. He ends up doing some things which he should leave up to other engines. In the end, causing trouble for Thomas.

With Thomas and Friends, you get to explore a new world. This show makes all the children learn the most important morals in their life. Thomas and Friends teaches honesty, the value of friendship, teamwork, and what it takes to become what you want to. This television show motivates your kid that anyone can become what they aspire to be.