Hindi Tv Show Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil

Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil Hindi TV SHOWS on STAR PLUS

Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez DIl, is a Soap Opera that was screened on Star Plus as a television program in June 2015, until September 2015 when it was converted to a web series on Hotstar. The series has Abeer Malhotra and Meher Purohit as its central characters, and the romance and drama that ensues between them. The plot follows Abeer (played by Pearl V Puri), and Meher (Asmita Sood), who during their college years meet and fall in love, and eventually get married. Because of reasons that are yet to be revealed, the two end up getting divorced.

The story then pulls up eight years later. Abeer is now a famous rock star and finds that fate has once again crossed his path with Meher, who he finds out is the new CEO of the company he works. It is here in the second season that the audience is made privy to their history with backstories. What is still left in suspense is what precisely led to their separation. As the series progresses, the two begin letting go of past differences. At one point, Abeer is forced to put up at Meher’s house as he is trying to hide from some goondas. Later, Meher meets with an accident and lies unconscious for nearly two weeks, during which time Abeer stays by her side and looks after her. At this time, the series turns the narrative to the past, where it is shown that Abeer and Meher’s marriage fell apart due to very silly reasons.

Meher was a working woman back then, which hurt Abeer’s ego and made him feel insignificant, a feeling only made worse thanks to the constant venom spewed by his father and aunt against Meher. Things look like they’re headed to a positive track when the series returns to the present and Abeer decides to propose once more to the now recovered Meher. But she refuses. Abeer refuses to give up, however, and relies on what he knows is his strong suit—music. This time, he proposes to Meher through a song, but she remains adamant and refuses once again. Not just that, she also announces her resignation from the office where she knows she will have to share spaces with Abeer. To complicate matters, a new character springs up in the story, who leaves audiences guessing if this will turn into a love triangle.

Akshat is a man who apparently supported Meher and was there for her when she was broken up after the divorce. Akshat now decides to propose to Meher too. While trying to find something against Akshat, Abeer sees his with a child and suspects it is his. He reports this to Meher, who tells him simply that she already knows about Akshat’s son Ishaan. But it is soon revealed that this child is, in fact, Abeer and Meher’s. Meher, meanwhile, gets engaged to Akshat. But Abeer’s mother, Madhavi sees that there was more to the situation than met the eye. She sees many similarities between Ishaan and Abeer, and when she eventually confronts Meher about this, she finds out the truth. She tells Abeer, who calls off his wedding with another woman, Sasha.

As the series winds to a close, Abeer and Akshat are still competing for Meher’s love. To Akshat’s annoyance, Abeer and Ishaan start becoming close. While at Abeer’s house, Ishaan comes across a wedding album where he finds out that Abeer and Meher were married, eventually that Abeer is his father. He then becomes the healing bond between the long estranged lovers. Even Akshat realizes that Meher is still in love with Abeer somewhere deep down, and lets her go. The show ends on a happy note with Meher and Abeer getting married once again.