Hindi Tv Show Mummy Ka Magic

Mummy Ka Magic Hindi Tv shows on Youtube channel

Most of the young children are fussy eaters and because of this, their mothers are unable to make them eat healthy and nutritional food. Keeping this in mind Food Food channel brings to all the mothers a show which is solely dedicated to, how to make food for their tiny tots where they won’t make a fuss. Mummy Ka Magic is a show where all the mothers learn how to make yummy food which are high in their nutritional value. This 30-minute show features ways to win the hearts of the young children. After watching this show, parents won’t have to force their kids to eat healthy food instead the child himself come and ask for it.

Mummy Ka Magic is a show which has been appreciated nationwide and is already in its 5th year of running. The show has completed more than 10 seasons and more than 140 episodes. In Mummy Ka Magic the mothers are taught a snack followed by main course and of course dessert at the end. The principle purpose of the show is to take vegetables which kids refuse to eat like mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, etc. and create a mouthwatering dish which tastes not only good but also looks pleasing to the eyes because kids prefer to eat food which are presented in a tempting way.

The chef of this show is the famous Amrita Raichand. Being a foodie, Amrita always had a knack for cooking. She first started cooking for her brothers and mother and later for her husband and in-laws, but now her sole focus is on her son. Through Mummy Ka Magic she got the opportunity to make her passion for cooking a professional job. She took an advanced level of culinary course at Global Chef Academy in Singapore where she enhanced her power of cooking. Amrita wishes to explore different food communities and markets around the world and push herself to become a better and better as a chef.

A couple of years into the show Amrita is highly obliged to the audiences who has accepted her as a chef even after having a modelling and acting background. The show will present all the recipes in a fun-filled way and guarantee that your child and friends will come and ask for more, and mothers too will be relieved see their kids eating healthy and nutritional foods. One can catch the episodes of Mummy Ka Magic on the Food Food channel or on YouTube.