Hindi Tv Show Mangalam Dangalam

Mangalam Dangalam Hindi TV SHOWS on SAB TV

This is a sitcom aired on Sab Tv under the Vineyard Films Productions. The show revolves around quarrels between a father-in-law, and his son-in-law. The leads are Manisha Rawat, and Karanvir Sharma. The story starts when Rum, daughter of a rich businessman Sanjeev is in love with Arjun. When their families got to know about their little romance, everyone was happy for them except Arjun’s mother, and Rumi’s father.

They both had to go through a lot to marry each other, and even after that, the troubles won’t stop. Rumi’s father faked a heart attack to keep Arjun at bay. Knowing about this pretend, Arjun’s mother comes to stay with them to look over her son. The story has many twists, and turns while making people laugh.